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Fortunately Unfortunately Story

Unfortunately, as I walked into my classroom a monkey was sitting on the teacher's chair and howling. Fortunately the teacher wasn't at school today. Unfortunately, when the bell went, the monkey said that he was the reliever for the day. Fortunately we were told it [...]

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Summer description

So hot that you need a fan, Urban people travelling to beaches, Most of time playing, More ice creams and more, Energetic season, Rural is the place to live.  

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The adventure after the trip to ? country.

At the time Minecraft was in 2.0.0 when the combat update was added. I had full enchanted diamond armor  with a sharpness 10,000 sword. I was visiting a castle of King Notch. There was just one problem; I had to cross 6 ravines. The castle [...]

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The dream

'SPLASH'My hair floated on the water's surface. I felt the breeze hit my face. It was chilly. I climbed to the rocks as my hands and arms trembled. I was in desperate needs of warmth. Suddenly a flock of birds came and swooped under me. I [...]

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Technology Challenge

Whoa I was not expecting to be building Lego cars. On Wednesday people in writing group got to build their own Lego vehicle for our technology challenge.                           My car is called Harlic. [...]

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The Magic Kingdom

Once upon a time there lived a very, very rich king. His name was Rupert. He owed a magical umbrella, a tiger, a flying car, a highly intelligent pet frog, and much more. He flew everywhere in his flying car,( which happened to be made of solid [...]

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6 sentence story

6 sentence story 1.once upon a time there was a night called Banana. 2.He lived in a castle in England. 3.Banana was a very good swordsman and was the best in England. 4.But he was also a very teased man for his name. 5.It made [...]

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Toby the dog

The story is about a dog in the forest. In the morning the dog wants to go out of his house but he can't, because his head is too big and gets stuck in the door. Then a mouse goes to help him. The mouse [...]

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Best Friend

In the morning Toby the dog got up. He stuck his head out of the door . He hears some dogs walking and he thinks in the forest they don't have any friends. Toby want to look if there are any dogs . Then they [...]

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Maungawhau School brocure

Maungawhau School Number of students: around 600. Uniform: none. Classrooms: numbers 1-28 not including 18. Other things in the school: office, hall, pool, 2 fields, music room, sports shed, after school care room, 3 playgrounds and a library. Years and ages: years 1-6 and ages [...]

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