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  The minecraft adventure by Dilshath, Harrison,Cadal and Luka There were two boys called Dilshath and Harrison and they were friends and they found an ender portal.   They jumped inside and what they saw was ender men and the ender dragon.  They saw a chest they [...]

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peace looks like flowers blooming peace looks like butterflys in the air peace looks like love peace feels like a fluffy pillow peace feels like hoping into bed peace feels like giving mum a snug peace tastes like eating ice cream on a hot summer [...]

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summer week10

Summer is hot and warm  Summer is going to the beach and having fun Summer is going to a family barbecue  Summer is going to the park Summer is going for a bike ride

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bio poem

Ezra Funny, awesome, smart, tall Son of Ella and Joel and brother of Isaac, Seth and Georgia Lover of chocolate, theme parks and butter chicken Who feels 3 things Who feels sorry for the poor, unwanted children and feels happy most of the time Who [...]

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Bio Poem

Elizabeth 4 things to describe your self Adventurous, smart, sporty and courageous Daughter of and sister of Daughter of Vicki and Gavin and sister of Peter, Ben and Kate Lover of three things Animals, my family and sport Who feels three things Who feels sorry [...]

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police coulour poem

Police He is a navy blue He is a cold, hard winter He is a large city jail He is a wet and rainy day He is a golden police badge He is a hard, wet chair He is C.S.I He is a jelly donut [...]

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Colour Poem

I am a bright orange I am a long winter I am a boiling hot sun I am a pair of Nike Pro shorts I am a long surfboard I am Bondi Rescue I am a fresh juicy tomato I am Natalie

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