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Zeke liu

My name is Zeke. I like iPad's and salmon. My favorite game on my iPad is Monster legends. My favorite food is salmon sushi +avocado. My friends are Ryan L., Laith and Kade. My 2 favorite websites to write are, Maungawhau school(Which is my school) and Google drive. That is my profile :D

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I love monkeys (short story)

Monkeys are amazing at hanging.  Monkeys are funny to watch.Monkeys are a very adorable but cheeky creatures I like Monkeys because they are cute, cute, cute and fluffy plus adorable.Monkeys are my favorite  animal in the whole in tire world that I have seen.I love Monkeys because they pull faces [...]

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The day I saw an Elephant at School

The day I saw an elephant at school was a bright and sunny day, and then suddenly there was glimmer of bright neon orange and then it went all shady and I looked up and it was just a baby elephant with a massive shadow. [...]

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Fries From France

The Fries from France are made of...  Potatoes from Pakistan.  Lots of Oils from Oman,  To create a crunchy type of chip!! 

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Write a short story about a red and white space dog who can walk on air.

Once upon a time there was a red and white space dog. But he was no ordinary space dog he could talk when he wanted to and needed too.But not only could he talk but he was a super space dog da da da daa [...]

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Power Walking

The power  ripped out of the ground and took its first steps. He walked and walked until he came to a town where he saw fruit and vegetables for the first time. The power bent down and took an apple. He stood up and grew [...]

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The world without wheels

If the world didn't have wheels then I probably wouldn't be writing this now.Because the trucks that made the school wouldn't have wheels so then lots of people wouldn't have been born because the ambulances didn't have wheels and lots of other things wouldn't have [...]

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starlite the dog

I think starlite the dog is feeling super duper mad because no one has feed her and she is starting to get mad with her family  so thats why she looks so very mad in this picture.  She is probably trying to bite the owners that [...]

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Day 2

I woke up the next day. I was alive but I wasn't on the boat anymore. I was on a wonderful faboulious glourious island. The sand was shiny glittery and golden. The palm trees were humangous. Then I saw a monkey that kept on walking [...]

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