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the battle of the spiders

One day, in London, a biggish spider scuttled down the front of a house with a sign at the front yard that said: FOR SALE. The spider crawled through the crack at the bottom of the door and into the house, just as a man [...]

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If I Was A Superhero

If I was a superhero I would live in a place with lot’s of disasters and monsters,aliens,werewolves,Orcs,well,you get it. It has lot’s of special tall cool building’s and castle’s. I wanted to live there because I could save people from danger and solve problems. I [...]

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My long trip to Disney land, Englands country-side, London and Canada(vancover).

Last year me and my family went to Disney land. first my Granddad drove us to the airport and we boarded a plane. It took one day and a night to get to California. When we arived at the hotel it was already the afternoon. [...]

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Planet 6

                  Planet 6   When I landed on planet 6, I heard a Boom and a Bang! I turned around and saw that my spaceship had been blown to pieces by a rock. I looked around to see what was happening. I saw these weird colorful [...]

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Planet Nine

  Bang , Zap, Zoom! I looked around to see what was happening. I saw these small colorful creatures showing off their powers. I overheard one of the creatures saying the best power would become the new pixel king, to rule the planet. Everyone took [...]

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Pokemon book 1 season 2 : A Great Start Plus A Shiny Pidgey!

OK I've done this before and have done well. Let's start again. Welcome! I heard a shout from downstairs and rolled onto the floor. It was time to choose. The trickiest time of my life. I choose Oshawott! Ok now time to go. I knew [...]

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Planet two

Planet 2 Finally I have landed on the planet that I was eager to go to for a long time. My space ship went “poof” as its wheels touched the ground., I walked out the door and was impressed to see that many cats were [...]

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Terance brother

My brother My brother always helps me at times and I would like him to help me at school but he can not because he is not at school yet.

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The planets of space are really really big and some are really small. Some planets are: Neptune, Jupiter, Europa, Pluto,Venus, Ganymede, Callisto, Uranus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus last but not least moon and Earth.

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Play date at Zekai’s house

Today I had a play date at Zekai's house. My other friend Wilson also came. We played Video games and other things. First we went to his playroom. We ran on the running exercise machine. I ran the fastest on it. Then Wilson and Zekai [...]

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