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the statue!!!

One bright sunny day there were four people going fishing and they caught the king of the sea and ate him for lunch. The next morning they went fishing again so they got there hooks and went out there was a statue waiting for them [...]

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How to play ludo

You first get the dice the mat and the round and put  the round spheres  and set up the game. Only 4 people are allowed to play. If you want you can even play a different way by putting everybody in teams and playing the [...]

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The LEGO world

Once there lived a old grumpy LEGO troll. He wanted to rule the LEGO universe. But the hero was a skeleton. He had a sword, ice cream,bazooka, a gun, TNT sticks, burnocolase, cup of coffee, huskys and a polar bear. He wanted to kill the [...]

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A funny story of a terrible dragon who protects a secret tribe

Once in a magical land called Dragonno here lived dragons. The dragons lived in a village. There were guard dragons, soilder dragons, blacksmith dragons, village dragons, farmer dragon,king dragon and queen dragon. So one sunny morning a team of people attacked them. The team of [...]

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The daring Adventure!

After the war she had a very very very  long adventure were she had to solve problem's and fight that was very unpleasant to have in this world. Boom crash pow her home crumbled and shaded she had hard feeling about her home were she lived with [...]

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The Strange Dream

John was walking along the seaside  then he suddenly saw an old castle with lots of bats circling around an old crooked tower so he decided to have closer look. The ruin was dark and gloomy and the cobwebs shone in the moonlight. John did [...]

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The Black Castle

Jonah looked up the long path. The thought of him in the castle with the silver eye in the palm of his hand flashed through his head. BBBBOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!! That was a nightmare he thought to him self, He started running up the track then... He [...]

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The Diamond Kingdom

It was a bright frosty morning. The pavement glistened like a carpet of crushed diamonds in the early morning sunshine and the, kingdom of the enchanted forest stood before the the sunlight  like a bunch of diamonds sparkling. In this palace there lived a little [...]

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The tree of life!!!!!!!!!!!(part 1)

One day a young black-smith was wondering why was the tree of life so important. After that he told his father about the thought. His father said"It brings "harmony to the country" But why are we fighting over the tree of life" Because we all [...]

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one sparkly day

One sparkly day I woke up and every piece of glass I saw shinned and I ran so fast all the way to the kitchen and got same sparkly cereal and got some dazzling milk to put on my cereal and put it on the [...]

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