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Letter home from world war 1

Dear Fred, How are you doing? I can't wait to go home and see you. The trenches are gross. They are full of rats and we have to sleep on sandbags. There are on-going gun shoots and explosions through day and night. It is worse [...]

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ANZAC poem

ANZACs determined, able-bodied  life-risking, shooting, dieing Not knowing what's coming killing, sacrificing, threatening deadly, risky  Gallipoli 

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Lily’s bad day

Lily woke up curled in a ball on the floor instead of on Ellie's bed.  No surprise.  Lily put her front paws on the side of the bed and mewed hopefully.  No one there. She trotted disappointedly down the stairs. When she was half way [...]

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Ruby the puppy

OMG! I'm so excited because in three days (friday) were getting a puppy!Her name is Ruby,she is all black with a white tuft under her chin. She has one sister and one brother.Ruby's sister is called Lucy.Lucy is all white with caramel markings and Ruby's [...]

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Emma’s perfect day

Once there was a girl named Emma. One day she got an invite to come to a ball. So she decided to make a ball gown.On her gown was flowers, butterflies, cakes, cupcakes and animals. When it was the night of the party she wore [...]

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Yellow looks like the sour juice of a lemon. Yellow sounds like popcorn popping in the microwave. Yellow smells like honey being spread on toast. Yellow tastes like slippery bananas. Yellow fells like sparkling sand on a hot beach.  

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Libby the clumsy champion.

Libby was a pretty girl however was clumsy on weekends. She was 20 years old. On a strange cloudy day she was biking around the streets in biking pants and bright bright high heels and a crop top. then she decided to bike to a village [...]

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Learning How To Ride A Bike

During the summer holidays I started to learn to ride a bike. My friend Stella got a new bike so she gave me her old bike to learn on. When the tide was out we went to the beach and rode on the hard sand [...]

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