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My cat

Before I was born (and before my parents were married) my mom got a cat and named her Giselle.She was white with blue eyes,was a Siamese cat, was born in November and was 1 year old. When I was 8, Giselle was 12 it snowed for two [...]

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The Day My Rabbit And I Did A Hongi

The day my Rabbit Titin and I did a hongi we were up at Omaha. The only reason we took Titin up to Omaha was because he was getting very old he was ten. Eventually we reached Omaha and Coco my cousins adorable puppy was there so [...]

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NIKKI J. MAXWELL INTRODUCTION / Nikki Nikki is the main character in Dork Diaries. She is fourteen years old and she has just started high school. Nikki loves to sketch, doodle and write diary entries as she starts her new school. She always is lonely [...]

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My favourite character from a book is…..

 The HULK Hulk info: Born in:  Dayton,Ohio. Abilities:Fuelled by gamma radiation Hulk has super strength, he can jump several miles in just a single bound, super speed and he can heal almost instantly.The madder he gets the meaner he becomes. Friends:The Avengers, She-hulk and fellow [...]

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Hailey’s Biography Of Earth

Hailey's Biography On Earth You all probably want to know how Earth started, well read my  biography Earth started 2.5 billion years ago when... Family/ childhood You know how a volcano erupts and it lets out a lot of lava, well when earth was made it [...]

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The Wishing Jewel

Once lived a little mouse named Snowy. He was named Snowy because he was all white, white all around. he had a sister called Whiskers. She was always making fun of Snowy until Snowy found a jewel that looked like a diamond. It shimmered  in [...]

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The day my fish died

When I was 8 I had a pet fish  it was called Goldie my sisters had one too. We got them at Animates  .  We were about to get a Dog but my mum said they were too much so we looked at the fish [...]

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Maddy as a baby!

Maddy is my grey cat she is beautiful and has yellow eyes. She is so soft when she's puffed up.  She has white socks and a white chest and tummy.  She is turning fifteen this year.  Her nick names are Maddy Moo Moo and Fluffy [...]

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The Courageous Tris Prior

Tris Tris Prior from Divergent is my favorite character because... she is courageous and amazingly talented, cunning and can defend herself like a buffalo and is kind with a touch of kill. Tris Prior is an incredibly beautiful woman in love with Tobias Eaton! this is [...]

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Purrrrty time!

Once there lived a cat named Puss. It was his 5th birthday and for that special occasion Puss's family were going to the museum. Puss was very excited and he couldn't wait to start the adventure. They had to travel very far away but finally [...]

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