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Zeke liu

My name is Zeke. I like iPad's and salmon. My favorite game on my iPad is Monster legends. My favorite food is salmon sushi +avocado. My friends are Ryan L., Laith and Kade. My 2 favorite websites to write are, Maungawhau school(Which is my school) and Google drive. That is my profile :D

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I love monkeys (short story)

Monkeys are amazing at hanging.  Monkeys are funny to watch.Monkeys are a very adorable but cheeky creatures I like Monkeys because they are cute, cute, cute and fluffy plus adorable.Monkeys are my favorite  animal in the whole in tire world that I have seen.I love Monkeys because they pull faces [...]

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The day I saw an Elephant at School

The day I saw an elephant at school was a bright and sunny day, and then suddenly there was glimmer of bright neon orange and then it went all shady and I looked up and it was just a baby elephant with a massive shadow. [...]

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Fries From France

The Fries from France are made of...  Potatoes from Pakistan.  Lots of Oils from Oman,  To create a crunchy type of chip!! 

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Why monkeys like… Bananas!!! ;)

!!! By Luca !!! One freezing snowy afternoon a monkey slowly tramped up to a little hut on a huge mountain.   He tapped loudly on the hut's thick door and waited until someone came to get  him   He waited for  2 long boring minutes until someone came. [...]

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My hoilday

In the holidays I... I went to a holiday called: Kids up front. It's just a holiday program where you do 4 lessons (singing, dancing and drama (you do drama twice)  It's a day which all leads up to 1 big show. All you have to do is [...]

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In the Holiday on Monday  my brother and I went to Cornwall park to play soccer but we saw a Cafe so we got hot chips and a hot chocolate then we went to play soccer my brother won 10-9 he scored the winning goal. [...]

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room 21’s trip to Tiri

                                         Room 21's  trip to tiri What I did at Tiri IslandFirst we had to go in a double decker bus. Then we had to go on [...]

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how to do…

Everyone in my family can do something! My brother can do flips, my sister can do gymnastics and my mum can roll and my dad can eat pork in 10 second and I can do juggling with a soccer ball. First you trow the ball [...]

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8-) Wellington. I am going to stay with my Aunty Lizzie. My Aunty Lizzie has a 0 year who is called Max and a 3 year old called Harvey and a 16 year old called Ashley. My Aunties husband is called Regan He's funny.  I AM [...]

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