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Though Web OPAC, children are able to easily search for books,
see what they have out, if their books are overdue,
what they have read as well as write book reviews.
This can be done by accessing Web Opac from the library,
classroom or at home.

The Discovery Centre is the “Learning Hub” of our school! It is a constantly changing environment with new books, displays, competitions and activities tying in with school-wide topics.

The Discovery Centre librarian is Lisa Smith. Our students use the library independently and know that there are trained staff there to support them and guide them in their research.

The school supports the Scholastic Book Club. Go to the Scholastic Book Club page to find out more. We purchase a number of these books for our library and find this scheme encourages our children to extend their reading. We also plan a Book Fair each year. This includes a Fancy Costume Day as these have always been popular and give everyone an excuse to dress up.

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