1910 Householders request another school in the district.
1911 Site purchased from Joughin farm and Mandeville estate.
1912 Main building erected in brick by Craig Brothers. Maungawhau District School established with Mr. FJ Ohlson as Principal.
1913 Maungawhau District School opened for instruction with 153 students. Numbers rose to 454 by the end of the year.
1914 Infant building of three rooms opened.
1915-1918 Roll rose to 772. Three more classrooms constructed.
1922 Swimming pool and buildings contructed.
1928 Children turned away from school due to overcrowding. School bell purchased and hung from balcony.
1929 Home and School Association formed.
1930 School logo designed. Design displays the Horn of Plenty, the Book of Learning, the intertwined initials MDS and the Latin version of the motto “Tonus Facit Musican” (It is Tone that Makes Music).
1931 Dental Clinic opened. School colours developed. Four classrooms get electricity. School is connected to sewer.
1932 Old Pupils Association formed.
1937 Silver Jubilee celebrated on 11th and 12th December.
1940 The roll has dropped to 527. The Mt Eden Borough Council allows 500 gallons of free water per child per year.
1944 PTA founded. School Fair begins.
1946 Boundary change requested.
1947 Polio epidemic. School Fair cancelled.
1948 School closed for Term 1 due to polio epidemic. Lessons taught through correspondence. Gestetner purchased and school joins the National Library Service.
1949 Roll is 755 students. Additional prefabs requested and first school secretary employed.
1950-1952 Three further prefabs erected.
1954 Temporary hall fashioned through the installation of folding doors between two classrooms.
1956 Power points installed in all classrooms.
1959 Hall opened on 10th October by Mr. Clive Jones, Mayor of Mt Eden.
1960 Central heating installed in all buildings.
1962 Filter installed in baths. Temporary library in Room 7. Adults supervise school patrols. New gates installed. Secretary’s office built.
1963 Golden Jubilee celebrated on 15th, 16th, 17th March.
1964 Swimming and tennis club formed.
1972 Swimming and tennis pavilion opened.
1973 PTA school lunch scheme begins.
1975 Open plan junior block opened in October. New library built but used as classroom. Southern changing sheds opened up for spectator seating.
1976 Old infant block demolished. Flags and parent roster begin for Mt Eden Road.
1978 Flags and parent roster begin on Balmoral road.
1979 Old main building demolished.
1980 Adventure playground built.
1986 Learners swimming pool built.
1987 Terraced seating built for pool spectators. Storm water retention scheme approved. Two sections bought. Mural depicting the history of the Maungawhau area painted by staff and students and mounted on the rear wall of the hall.
1988 75th Jubilee held on the 18th, 19th, 20th March. Playing field developed and fitness trail built.
1995 New school library built and opened by Prime Minister Jim Bolger on 17th October.
1997 Two storey senior block built.
1999 Administration area constructed. New staffroom built.
2000 Second storey built on junior classrooms. Junior playground erected. School website developed.
2003 School enrolment zone reduced in size.
2005 Fencing erected along Ellerton Road boundary.
2006 Final roll at 712 students.
2007 Library is extended to house all resources and renamed “The Discovery Centre”.
2010 Second storey built above junior classrooms 1 and 2.
2011 Middle school playground built.
 2012 Centenary celebrated on 30 and 31 March.  Boiler demolished – space transformed into Sports Shed.
 2013 Learners swimming pool demolished.
 2014 Room 13 to 18 refurbished.
 2015 New N4L (Network 4 learning) Fibre cables installed.
Our school garden resurrected in preparation for Garden to Table programme.
 2016 New junior playground and sunshade installed.
Ministry of Education funded new fencing around the whole school site.
New bilingual signage with new school logo around entire school.
Additional outdoor seating positioned around middle school.
Garden to Table programme commenced, for Yr 3 & 4 in the OSC room with an upgrade kitchen.
 2017 Middle school playground sunshade installed.
Raise the Roof project to upgrade the tennis courts with new surface and shade structure.