The school relies heavily on its community to provide many of the basic activities and resources used by the school.  Although the Ministry of Education pays for all capital expenditure and the salaries of teaching staff, the school community is required to raise a significant amount in locally raised funds.

As a decile 10 school, Maungawhau is provided the lowest level of government support. The Ministry of Education funds school based on the information provided in the four- yearly nationwide census. The per student targeted funding for Educational Achievement component for a decile 10 school is $ 0, for a decile 1A school it is $905.81 Families are asked to make a voluntary donation to assist in making up the shortfall of seen and unseen costs that enable us to provide an exciting environment with rich learning experiences, which benefits our students collectively.

To help meet the school’s aspirations, the Board of Trustees has set the requested voluntary donation for 2016 at $395 per child if paid before 31 March 2016. Donations made after this date should be for $420 per child. The lower rate is offered for early payment as this allows certainty of funding for programmes the school will not otherwise be able to fund.

Donations can be made at any time throughout the year.  Please see the link below for Wrap it Up to make your payments online.  Receipts are provided to enable families to seek a 33% tax rebate from the Inland Revenue Department for this donation.


Extracurricular activities refer to an activity that is not a part of the delivery of the core curriculum at school but is provided to our students to enrich and enhance their learning experience.

Families will be informed in advance of any such activity and the cost for their child to participate. Some examples are school trips, visiting drama groups, senior school camp, mathletics and reading eggs online programmes, sport team zone competitions, netball and flippaball. By signing a permission form or making the requested payment, you are giving permission for your child to participate in the extracurricular activity. It is acceptable for the school to exclude a child should a parent choose non participation. Equally it is acceptable for the school to include a child if the cost to provide an alternative arrangement is high.  If there is genuine hardship in paying for any of the extracurricular activities, please come and have a confidential and sensitive discussion with Karen or Shelley in the school office.

Mathletics and Reading Eggs – the school is able to get student licences for these valuable online learning programmes at a heavily discounted price. Children will be provided a logon and password once a parent has opted for their child to join these online programmes by making the requested payment noted in the schedule.

We appreciate your support and look forward to a progressive year!


Last payments at reduced rate are due on 31st March.

All requests for money are put in writing to you.  Children should not have money at school except to pay for extracurricular activities such as sport zone events.

All payments can be made online with Kindo or at the school office.

No more scrabbling about for change or trying to remember where you filed the last school notice. No more payment mix-ups.

Wrap it Up takes care of all your school and club payments plus more…

  • Pay for a range of product and services, for all your children, on the one site with one payment
  • No need for your children to carry cash
  • Keep track of purchases with our order and payment history
  • No more paper permission slips, they’re all online!
  • Purchases can be made 24/7, from anywhere

We also accept payments via telephone, internet, or banking direct into our bank account. Please clearly label payments with the child’s name and reason for payment eg. donation, activity fee, out of school care.

Maungawhau School, ASB Three Kings  (12-3067-0197120-00)

Remember you are able to claim a tax rebate on school fees of up to 33% of this donation. Visit the IRD website at or click here to download an IR526 rebate form.