Our school is fortunate to have a beautiful school pool which is used by students from year 2 and above for class teaching during terms 1 and 4. 
Over the summer, our school community may hire pool keys from the school office.  The fee is $150. We have limited numbers of keys available and keys will not be issued to children.

The pool will be open from early December – until the end of April (weather permitting).


Key hire fee:  $150 per family. A $10 refund is given for all keys returned on time at the end of the season.

In order to ensure safe and enjoyable conditions for all key holder’s, the following information applies: 

  • Use of the pool is for key holder’s and immediate families only, children must be supervised by an adult (18 years or older). All swimmers aged under 5 need to have an adult actively supervising them in the pool.
  • Opening hours – 8am to 7pm (excluding school hours) beginning Monday 8th December 2014 until further notice.
  • The pool will be closed and not available on Tuesday 3-6pm and Thursday afternoons between 3pm and 4pm. 
  • Do not allow unsupervised children or people without a key into the pool area at any time. 
  • The supervising adult MUST sign in and out of the pool in the book in the pool entrance. 
  • Lock the entrance of the pool immediately after entering or leaving the pool area.
  • Do not use the pool if you have had a stomach upset or diarrhoea in the last two weeks. (Please refer to the faecal accident procedure on the wall in the pool foyer).
  • Babies up to three years old and young children not toilet trained must wear disposable swim type nappies covered by swimming togs. Please supervise young children when using the toilet facilities.
  • Ensure togs are clean.
  • Leave all facilities, including dressing sheds and toilets, in a clean and tidy condition, with dressing rooms and entrance secured.
  • The Principal reserves the right to recall and/or cancel any arrangement with any individual key holder.
  • The Board of Trustees accepts no responsibility for accidents or injuries within the swimming pool complex.
  • Report any lost keys to the school office immediately. (A replacement may be issued at a cost of $25).
  • If any damage is noticed, or there is an issue with cleanliness, advise the school office during school term time or, out of school hours, phone the property manager – Mitch Mitchell 021 104 9709 
  • In the case of inappropriate behaviour, if you feel comfortable dealing with the incident yourself please do so, noting the key holders name if you can. This can then be reported to the office for further action. Alternatively phone the property manager on 021 104 9709 or the local police.
  • A telephone is available in the entry foyer for emergency use. Dial 9 for an outside line.
  • In case of a security issue, please call ADT Security 580 9700 

In the pool area please:

  • No glass containers of any kind. 
  • No food.
  • No smoking.
  • No alcohol.
  • No intoxicated persons.
  • No animals.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.  Enjoy your time in our beautiful school pool!