Welcome to Waipuna, the Middle School.

The Waipuna Team comprises seven classrooms.

Rooms 13 and 14 are two year 4 classes working as an Innovative Learning Environment (ILE) with Mrs Cooper, Mrs Simpson and Tina Hawkins.

Rooms 15 and 16 are two year 3 classes working as an ILE with Miss Love and Mrs Turner.

Room 17 is a composite year 3/4 class working with Anita Hewett.

Room 19 is a year 4 class working with Mr MacKinnon.

Room 21 is a year 3 class working with the team leader Miss Dobson.


In the Middle School we are lucky to participate in Garden to Table (GTT). Every fortnight we get to visit the garden to harvest, plant, weed and search for bugs. Once we have harvested the vegetables, fruit and herbs we take these to the kitchen where another group uses these to prepare a meal for us all to share.


If you have any questions about the Team please contact the classroom teachers.