We know you are all volunteers but a simple thank you can go a long way…..so from us to you we say THANK YOU!

A huge thank you to our fellow troopers who again (3 years in a row) helped us run another successful day as Fair Committee.
Louise May, Jane Scott (and Geoff Scott), Jo Woodward, Zoe Hoult and Anna Dales – you are all totally awesome and we have loved working with you!

A special thanks to a few people who made such a huge contribution and in their own right have worked so very hard indeed!

Di Hubbard, thank you for taking on the mammoth White Elephant stall – you are truly wonderful.  Thanks also to Gillian Doyle for supporting Di (and us continually throughout the year).  We also thank Anna Blackmore for sharing her knowledge of the stall this year and running it for the previous 6 years!!

Christine Marsh for again getting really involved and making so many of our stalls a success!

Hannah Callesen, Andrea McCombie for slaving away over a stove all year…..you are both very special people and thank you for all your time and effort.

Karen Millar and the Craft team who have created, cut, sewn, glued, coloured and pinned for 10 or more months.  What an amazing job you did, so a big thank for all your commitment.

Ali Ikram for being our fabulous MC again this year, we are very lucky to have you!

And of course, thank you, thank you, thank you to all the wonderful stall holders because you guys make it happen for us….and for that we are very grateful.
Kate Hunter, Michelle Thompson, Kate Watson, Sarah Allen, Nicola Brent, Louise Unger, Audrey Mason, Kelly Coyle, Jo Wadey, Corran Roberts, Sheree Jaggard, Emma McDonald, Mel Stuart, Eugine Kim, Katharine Collins, Heather Rieger, Kate Trewheellar, Cecile Harre, Janine Stewart, Andy Johnson, Anna Gatie, Kate Absalom, Anna Meyers, Sonya Marx, Frances Pavlovich, Victoria Butler, Kathryn Ziegler, Jennifer Young, Di Cameron, Erica McNamara, Dita de Boni, Zoe Hoult, Joanne Harland, Kevin Gwynne, Carmel McKeown, Lynne Paynter, Rachel Owens, Cristy Kennedy, Helen Fulcher & Lisa Burnes Whiting.

A special mention to a few of them though, as they have gone above and beyond our expectations!

Lindsey Hurley for doing such a great job on toys & games as she worked extremely hard on this stall while heavily pregnant and is due to have her baby in only a couple of weeks – good luck from all of us!

Cindy Guo for bringing the Chinese community together and running the Dumpling stall.  You have seriously amazed us at how successful you have been at getting everyone on board – great job!

Also, thank you to anyone who donated goods or services to us…..it makes a HUGE difference to our bottom line so we love it!  Isabel Pasch & Tim Hinchcliffe, Malcolm Vito, Susan Duckworth, Chris Schultz, Phillip Bray, Kate & Sean Snow, Zoe Douglas-Jones, Sondra Fraser, Ivan Vicelich, and Kevin Grubi.  We have put your logos up on our sponsors page as a way of saying thanks http://www.maungawhauschoolcommunity.co.nz/2016-fair-sponsors.html. 

If you donated goods to a stall and your logo is missing, please email larah@maungawhau.school.nz so that we can fix this.

And last one, thanks to those of you who loaned us gazebos, BBQ’s, stages, gas bottles etc and a big shout out to all the guys on the logistics team for your muscle power!

The success of our fair totally depends on all of these people above, as well our parents supporting their class stall….so together we all make a great team.

Lara Hrstic & Lucy MacGinley

Maungawhau School