One day in a big, smelly horse shed lived two friends, and one friend was called Diamond, the other called Cameron.  They were like two peas in a pod.  Diamond was a human girl, Cameron was a horse.  They were magic.
One morning when they woke up they knew they had a big mission.  The mission was about a forest, with lots of crystals in it.  But, oh no! The crystals were disappearing.  But not to worry, the two friends forever can save it.  They rode out of the shed and into the forest.  It was magical!  Crystals shone and shimmered everywhere.  Cameron and Diamond were very surprised.  They kept on walking until they came to a big clearing.  They found a magic, shimmering goblet in a cave near it.  Cameron found a big horse that lived in the cave, who showed them a big peacock control.  They turned it and the crystals became even more shiny and all the creatures that lived in the forest, peeped out of their holes and said “hooray!”
“Three cheers for Diamond and Cameron!”
“Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!”
And some animals gave them crystal paint and however Cameron stomped in his paint and… everyone stared at him… and then cracked up with laughter!  Then they took some crystals to remember the special day.  Then they got snug as a bug and went to bed!