Once upon a time there was a pig called Piglet. One day Piglet wanted to go on an adventure to the jungle. He went on Friday. He packed up and he went to the jungle. There was no jungle in New Zealand so he went to the airport. When he got on the aeroplane he saw his friend. She was called Goosie. Piglet said, “What place has a jungle in it?” Goosie said, “New York has a jungle.”
When the aeroplane landed he got his bag and went to the jungle. It was a long way to the jungle. He had to take a bus to the jungle. At the jungle it was very, very, very exciting, but he couldn’t see because it was very, very dark.
Soon the sun rose and he could see. He saw a well and he wanted to have a wish, but he was too little so he couldn’t so he carried on. Next he went to a waterfall. He wanted to have a drink of water but he fell in. Then he wanted to go home but he got lost. There was only one thing to do and that was to call home. The telephone didn’t work because it was too far away. He looked at his map but then the map blew away! The he saw a person called GG. He had a secret door to go out of the jungle. So Piglet went to the door and he went to the bus and then he went home and that was the story of Piglet. The funniest day in the world!