On Tuesday Room 9 and Room 10 went to the Art Gallery for a school trip. My grown up was Kylie, who was Piper’s mum. Isabella, Imogen and of course Piper were also in Kylie’s group. Piper and I were on the left hand side of the bus, on the top at the front. Isabella and Imogen were on the two seats next to us. Kylie was behind them. When we got there, there were three woman waiting. We played Simon says with one of the woman while the other two talked to the teachers and parents. After that two of them took the classes. We had an art picnic where we had a frame and drew things we liked on them with some thick pastels. Then we had morning tea but the children quickly lost interest and started playing on the slippery floor and soon started a game of tag. Next we then went off with a different lady. This time we saw this art work made out of tin and we learnt why the artist made it. Then we had lunch. After that three of our groups (including us) came into a room full of portraits and each group was given an iPad to look for different people. When we finished we showed our photos to each other. Finally we got to explore with our parent. We found a man trying to be a woman and he had balloons on his chest. Lastly we had to go home.
Olive – Room 9 (Year 2)