On Tuesday Room 9 went to the Art Gallery to look at the amazing art. We went on a double-decker bus to the Art Gallery. The bus driver had to drive the bus into the enormous city. When we got to the Art Gallery we had to sit on the silver floor and we got to play a hand game. When we got to go inside, we followed one of the Art Gallery people to the Once Upon a Time room where children go and play. In the Once Upon a Time room there is a box of costumes. There are also old stuff like old books and old fashion boats and other things like that. After that we went outside to eat our morning tea. When we had finished we played on the slippery floor. We had to be very careful because it was concert. When it was time to go inside we swapped groups. Then we were with the other art gallery people and we followed her upstairs to the picture place.
Edwin – Room 9 (Year 2)