Did you know that on Tuesday Room 9 went to the very cool Art Gallery? At the Art Gallery Room 9 got into groups and went to look at stuff. The kind of stuff Room 9 saw was very old stuff. We went into lots of cool rooms and then it was time to do some art with one of the Art Gallery people. The Lady was called Diane. Room 9 went to the Art Gallery because it was a school trip. Did you know that parents came and Room 10 came as well? The kind of art we did was about what we like and what makes us feel happy. At the end we got to go with a girl called Linda and we got to look at this painting that was black and white. We also got to draw a picture of what our birthdays would look like. Finally we got to have a tour around the art gallery. The people in my group were Olive, Imogen and Isabella. The Art picnic was fun because all the groups got to use pastels. Some looked new and some looked a little bit old. Three groups also got to do something else with Linda and that was taking photos of paintings in the Art Gallery. All of the groups that were with Linda had to look for different faces. Our group looked for kind faces. The second group looked for important faces and the third group looked for powerful faces. At the end of the day we all went home on the bus.
Piper – Room 9 (Year 2)