In the picture there is a swan, some cardboard and some rubbish! I feel angry at the people who did it because the swan might eat it and die but the people don’t know that! We should tell them that but we can’t because we don’t know who the people are. I wish I knew who the people were. I’m just so angry at the people that I might explode! My cheeks are bright red. I’m so embarrassed. I even wonder why the people did it and what they’re doing right now. This is my worst day ever! I wonder if I was just dreaming. I try opening my eyes but I’m wrong this day actually exists! I’m scared out of my skin. I wish this day didn’t exist. I nearly fainted. I wonder if this ever happens again. We look at the swan again it has died and I cry “Whaa whaa”.

By Emily D-Jones Room 1 (5 yrs old)