Tane was the god of the forest. He was growing lots of kauri trees. Then all the bugs in the forest started to eat the trees.

Tane called the birds for a meeting to see who would live on the forest floor to eat the bugs. First he asked Pukeko to live on the ground and eat bugs but Pukeko liked to live up high and didn’t like his feet on the cold floor. Then he asked Cuckoo but Cuckoo was building a nest. So he asked Ruru but Ruru loved the light. Next he asked Tui but Tui was too scared. Then he asked kiwi and kiwi answered yes. Tane told kiwi that he would have to lose his wings and his colour and have a long beak and stiff legs. Kiwi still answered yes.

Tane was angry with his birds. He told Pukeko that he had to live in the lonely swamps. Then Tane told Ruru that he had to live in the dark and come out only at night. Next Tane told Tui that he had to wear a white feather to show he was a coward. Tane told Cuckoo that he could only lay eggs in other nests. Then Tane took away the birds voices. Bellbird started to cry so tane let them only sing in the morning so they could keep track of the days. Now the Kiwi is the symbol of NZ.

retold By Caleb R.19 Year 3

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