On Friday 8th September Room 9 and Room 10 went on a school trip to the Recycling Centre. First the bell went and everyone went to sit on the mat. After the roll Mrs Coxhead told us all the rules for when we went to the Recycling Centre. Then all the parents told us their names. In my group there was Hinata and Charlotte and my parent was my daddy. Then everyone went on the bus. The environmental group came with us too. When we were on the bus I sat next to Hinata and we kept sitting each other’s chairs. I saw lots of cars and trucks out the window. When we got to the Waitakere Refuse and Recycling Centre Anna and Tori told us the rules. They were; no running on the grass and don’t take off your shoes. We were sitting on a platform with mats on it. Next we went to the worm farm to pick up some worms. We had to find the head, saddle and an egg. I saw a tiger worm and an egg on Hinata’s stick. When we were done we went into the small classroom to learn about landfills, recycling, rubbish and compost. The first thing we learned was about compost and worms. Anna drew a life cycle about an apple. First it starts with an apple. Next someone eats the apple and puts it in the worm farm for the worms to eat. Then the worms will eat it and when they poo it will be compost. Then she showed us how a piece of rubbish ends up in the landfill. After that we played a game were we had to get into two teams and you have figure out what things go in the rubbish bin. After we played the game everyone went out to morning tea and to have a play outside. All of the garden was mostly recycled. When it was time to do something else we went back into the classroom for 10 minutes and then we went on the bus for the tour. On the tour we saw a big pile of wood beside the bus and there was a shop that you could buy things. When the tour was done it was only raining a little bit. We still had some time so we waited till we could go back on the bus. I thought it was the best school trip ever!
By Molly
Room 9 (Year 2)