On Friday 8th September Room 9, 10 and the environmental group went to the Waitakere Refuse and Recycling Centre for a school trip. We went there to learn about recycling for our inquiry. The sun shone but it was still cold.

First we got onto the bus to go there. It was quite a long trip so the kids chatted throughout the bus ride. I chatted to Lucy’s father, who was a parent on the trip. My parent was Paul, who was Molly’s dad. Molly and Hinata were in my group as well. I saw the ocean and lots of trees. They had green leaves all over them.
Once the bus stopped at the Recycling Centre we all got off the bus and went around the corner to a large wide platform which had colourful, flowery patterns on it. We sat down on the rough mats and waited for Room 10 and the workers, Tori and Anna, to talk to us about the rules. After they had come and told us about the rules we split up into classes. Room 10 went with Tori to the classroom and my class went with Anna to the worm farm.
At the worm farm Anna showed us worm pee and worm poo. Then she gave us a challenge. We had to find the saddle on the worms, find out which end was the head and find the eggs. I took a stick and a small magnifying glass and went to get the worms. Molly and Hinata thought they were slimy, but I didn’t. I found a saddle and it was close to the head. After that we found a tiny yellowy-green egg on a stick Hinata picked up.
After we finished that and had a talk we moved to the classroom to talk about rubbish. We learnt the life cycle of and apple if it is put in your compost bin. At the end there was a game to see which group could have the least rubbish in their bin. We were split into two teams and were each given a pile of rubbish to sort out. My group won, but it took a while.
Next we had morning tea. I was so hungry that I ate my cookies, my crispy noodles and my apple all in one go. I chatted while I ate and saw some of my friends from Room 10. The platform was quite noisy.
After morning tea we went on a tour we hopped on a bus with Anna and saw the wood pile and the rubbish pile, with bulldozers and machines with an arm and a claw on the end. We also saw a forklift and trucks that carry the rubbish away to other places.
After the tour it was time to go back to school. I felt sad to leave the recycling centre because I had a good time there.
By Charlotte
Room 9 (Year2)