When I woke up on Thursday morning I didn’t know if I wanted to go to a Recycling centre or not!  After I got to school I was given my sticker that showed my colour and my name.  The bus ride was very long. I got bus sick.  When we got there we met the educators and had fruit break.  The educators names are Tori and Anna.  After we finished fruit break Anna took us to the classroom and she taught us that paper is made out of trees.  That cans are made of aluminium, paper can’t be recycled forever.  After that we went to the gear shed to put on helmets and a jacket.   Then we went to see a broken thingy.  After that we looked at hazardous chemicals.  Then we walked back to our bus and the bus driver drove us to a place where there was a huge hole and a whole lot of rubbish goes into that hole.  After that we had lunch.  After lunch Anna took us to a worm farm and each group was given a plate and we were told to try to find worms eggs.  My group found one egg.  After that we went back in the classroom and played a gamed.  Finally we went home.

By Madison Rm 8