On Thursday morning I rushed to do my jobs because it was the day that we were going on a field trip to the Zero waste centre.  Soon it was time to leave.  When we got there the educators met us and we had fruit break the educators names are Tori and Anna.  After fruit break Anna taught us about recycling paper, plastic and aluminium.  To get aluminium you have to mine.  We also learnt that paper is made by trees.  We also played a game about who could sort rubbish the best into boxes that are labelled.  We also learnt that paper is made our of fibres so it can’t be recycled for ever!  Next Anna and us went for a walk in the parts where they sort the recycling it was really fun especially when we looked at the machines, the dangerous part.  And the pile of wood.    Then we went to the playground part.  The first thing I did in the playground was to go on the water bike.  The water bike was also my favourite!  In the playground place I also played tag with my friends.  Then we went back to the class we learnt more about recycling.  After that we went to the worm farm.  At the worm  farm you should only be looking at the eggs and the pattern on the worms.  I really liked looking at the worms.  Finally we went home.

By Luke Rm 8