The excited chatter of kids drowned out the noise from the engine as we speed along the motorway. It was a hectic day for most of us, attempting to get all the way to Henderson Valley school in time for the Kiwileles’ regional rehearsal. As we pulled up outside the school we spotted the three other cars. We walked through the school gates and met a lady who gave us directions to the hall, where the rehearsal was being held. There were not many other schools, as they couldn’t make it, but a man was livestreaming the whole thing so the other schools could play along. We got through a few songs before morning tea, which was, unlike Maungawhau, held around 10.30am. There were lots of cool places to explore at break time and we were allowed to go anywhere we wanted! There were two playgrounds, some tree huts, a ginormous tennis court, a bike track and some quiet paths to stroll on.
After morning tea there was a very special visit from James Hill, a famous ukulele player and comedian from Canada who was also performing in Auckland that night. He played along with us until we got to his song called ‘Capital Blues’ and then he ascended the steps to the stage and blew us away by showing of is amazing ukulele skills. We went through most other songs before he gave us a little performance, showing us the Super Mario Brothers Level One theme music on the uke and told us a bit about his childhood. He was extremely funny and talented and it was an honour watching him. But all too soon it was time to leave and we all climbed back into the cars. On the way back to school all the kids in Sarah’s (Tayka’s mum) car got a treat as she decided to pay it forward. We are all very grateful to the parents who took their time to drive us there and back and we couldn’t have had that fabulous time without them.

And now we are all set and ready to go to the Kiwileles’ Festival this Saturday! Come join us – It’s a free event so bring your blanket, food, family and friends for a lovely afternoon.
By Samantha and Charlotte – Room 25