Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome to Week 4 of learning. We welcome the new students and their families, who have joined us this past 3 weeks, to our Maungawhau school community.

My thanks to teachers and to parent helpers for getting our extra curricular programmes up and running, this morning with a quick look around the school I observed ‘Garden to Table’ (years 3-4) and the students learning valuable skills thanks to ‘Drowning Prevention Auckland’ (years 2-6). We are very dependent on parent help to ensure that these programmes run well.

FOMS report – My thanks to the parents who attended last week’s FOMS meeting, especially the parents who have stepped up to be our 2018 Class Liaisons. We value your willingness to communicate with your respective classrooms, so that we are all abreast of communication and events.
At the meeting I shared the ‘Achieving and Learning’ plan for 2018, Emma McDonald gave an update on property projects at our school and Lara Hrstic spoke about class liaison roles.
There were a couple of other issues raised, which I will report on next week.

House Leaders – My thanks to Olivia Burt and Martin Rodwell for running a leadership overnight camp for our year 6 house leaders and deputies last week. The outcome of the results are published below. I would also like to take this opportunity to thanks all of the students who stood and spoke to their respective houses in Week 2. It was great to see so many students willing to be leaders at our school. The house that I was privileged to hear, spoke with confidence, had great ideas and a vision for the year. Well done year 6 students.

2018 Head House Leaders
Te Tatua – Luke Langdon & Grace Rodwell
Owairaka – Luke Jones & Abby Welsh
Maungakeikie – Poppy Williams & Madeline Vinall
Maungawhau – Falak Falaah & Michael Ma

2018 Deputy House Leaders
Te Tatua – Sofia Bray  & Zach Mulholland
Owairaka – Wilson Zhang & Hargun Auijla
Maungakeikie- Caitlin Hoult & Joia Jackson
Maungawhau – William Britton & Delcie Pomfrett

House Leaders Camp 2018

Finally it was house leaders camp!!! It was Wednesday the 14th of February and we were so excited. We met with all our luggage ready for a camping sleepover at St George’s Epsom Scout Hall. For some of us it was our first night camping and sleeping in a sleeping bag.
We made our way out to the camp and met in our house leader groups to have a group discussion about what makes a good leader. After finding out what skills we needed to be a good leader we made our new house chants with actions. During the camp we had to earn house points for different activities. Te Tatua won the house chant activity which Mr Fahey judged.

As a whole leadership group Mr Fahey did a communications activity with us and it took some time to work together as one big team. We managed to improve our time and get under 10 seconds which was our record.
Our favourite part during camp was the scavenger hunt. We were put into our houses with a staff member and given a list of 30 items to find and have a picture with for example a letter box ending in 7, a red letter box and a restaurant. We had to find a lot of things and some of them were really hard but some people managed to find them. This was a really good way to communicate. We had an hour and a half to get as much as we could finished. It was a lot of fun and we all would love to do it again. Maungawhau won this challenge.

Then we did an activity with Keith, the activity was you had to make a catapult our equipment  were 10 ice block sticks hot glue and a cap from a bottle top. It was very challenging at first but when you get the hang of it. When kithe came round he made a huge difference and it was so helpful. We also had challenges like how far it will go and the accuracy, so for the accuracy keith had a target on the carpet so how far you can get it into the circle. And the other one was how high it was.

For dinner we had fish and chips they tasted great. Some of got hotdogs some of us got fish and some of us got burgers we all got chips. After that we got all our stuff and set up camp. Girls were at one end and boys were at the other. Next we played wink murder where there is a detective and they go outside while you pick a murder then the detective has to try and guess and if the murder winks at you your dead.

In the morning we got ready to build our hut there were lots of challenges but the one that I think was the most challenging was lighting the candle it was a race and most people basically the girls didn’t know how to light a candle but we all completed the challenge successfully and in the end we all made a hut that was so awesome Yellow house came 4th 3rd was Maungawhau and 2nd was red and 1st was green.
Then after that Martin bought some subways for us. MMMMM yummy. They were so delicious. Later when we had finished our subway we went inside to clean up. While Martin was taking some luggage back to school we had some free time and everybody was playing on the playground. Soon Martin came back and took some other people and some people went in Miss Burt.

At the end when we came back to school it was break time so we played with our friends for a little while. Later when the bell had gone we had to meet with Miss Burt in the hall to swim in the pool and have fun in the pool.  While everybody was walking over to the pool to get in Luke cannon balled into the pool. Miss Burt had bought these little sinkers to play with in the pool. We all had a lot of fun playing, diving and jumping in the pool. It wasn’t that cold and the sun was hot so it was nice.

By: Hargun,Grace & Maddy

Important ICT information for parents of year 3-6 students. Please ensure that you read the letter sent home via your child’s school bag today on ICT information as it explains ICT platforms our students use at school, and the safeguards we have in place for their use.

Have a great week.
Delanee Dale


  Waipuna Middle School Assembly this Friday 23 February – led by rooms 15 and 16



Unfortunately impetigo (also know as school sores) is on the rise in the community. Please click on the link below to get a better understanding of this illness. It is recommended that until sores have dried up or 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has started that your child is absent from school.


If you are paying the donation via kindo it will appear as an amount of $420.00. Please note if you are paying the full year to take advantage of the $25 discount before 31 March 2018 you can override the amount you are paying to $395.00.


Caroline and Cheryl need a couple of enthusiastic adults who would be prepared to relieve when required in the kitchen and/or garden. All you need is a little kitchen or garden nous; a little bit of common sense; enjoy working with children and a good sense of humour. If this sounds like you then please come and see us in the hall on either a Monday or Tuesday morning.
The Garden to Table Crew



ezlunchNEW Supplier!!
Easy lunch orders – Available Every day!

At the start of 2018, we will be introducing a new supplier to the school –  This will ensure your kids have a great variety of healthy and tasty school lunches every day.  You can order any of the lunch services by simply clicking here.

Order any time before 9am on the day or schedule in advance. Lunch will be delivered to school at lunchtime.

Click here to view all menus.

A percentage of sales goes to school fundraising – easy for you and great for the school!

ezlunch orders are made online through your myKindo account. One account for the whole family! Get started now… Click here or go to and click ‘create account’.

Help? Visit or tel. 09-475 5287 term time 8am-4pm.


FOR YOUR DIARIES (Please check regularly as dates and times can change. Any updates in red will be highlighted)

Term 1  (please check the school website calendar, notices coming home for more details on upcoming activities and events)

  • Students Goal Setting Conferences (year 4 – 6 students only) – Tuesday 13 March and Thursday 15 March (more information to follow)
  • Class/Individual Photo Day – Wednesday 14 March
  • School Closed – Good Friday 30 March, Easter Monday 2 April and Easter Tuesday 3 April

Term 1 Sports Zones Dates (please note this is for teams of selected students only)

  • Swimming – Tuesday 27 February. 9am – 1pm
  • Cricket – Tuesday 13 March. Save Day – Thursday 15 March
  • Touch – Thursday 5 April

Term 1 Assembly Timetable (Assemblies start at 2pm. Please note there will be limited room for parents and caregivers at whole school assemblies if they are held in the school hall)

  • Friday 16 February – Whanake Junior School led by rooms 3 and 6
  • Friday 23 February – Waipuna Middle School led by rooms 15 and 16
  • Friday 2 March – Matauranga Senior School led by room 26
  • Friday 9 March – Maungawhau Whole School led by room 25
  • Friday 16 March – Whanake Junior School led by rooms 7 and 9
  • Friday 23 March – Waipuna Middle School led by rooms 13 and 14
  • Thursday March 29 – Matauranga Senior School led by senior habitat (rooms 11 and 12)
  • Friday 6 April – NO assembly
  • Friday 13 April – Maungawhau Whole School – led by room 27


Meetings are held in the school staffroom and start at 5:30pm.

  • Thursday 22 February
  • Thursday 29 March


OD 2018 Flyer

MaristCollege 2018 Open Day Flyer




Coffee Canteen

Thanks to the team at Jungle Coffee, Kent is back this week, with a new espresso machine and a great new locally roasted coffee blend!
We’ve had lots of feedback regarding students being interested in basic coffee training, anyone who is interested can pick up a form from Kent before school to be signed by their parents.
Health and Safety is really important to us, any beverages made for children will be made at a suitable temperature (not too hot) in case they are spilt.

Thanks for all of your support, we look forward to seeing you weekdays from 8am!

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