Firstly we drove to the Aotea Centre and had a bit of lunch. After a few minutes we finally entered. The first things we saw were crowds of children and a Hyundai filled to the window with books. We trotted along to the place we were going to listen to the writers, right outside was a little bookshop stall, sadly we had no money.
Soon after browsing for books that we couldn’t buy, it was time to enter the place. We got into the line and got a free book. When we finally settled down into our seats, the first author came in, James Russell who writes the Dragon Brothers series. He explained how the people in his story were from real life, and how you could use AR (Augmented Reality) reads to unlock stuff in his book, he also told us a little about himself, like how he cut his hand with a hunting knife.
Next there was Gavin Bishop, who was my (Ryan’s) favourite in the whole event. While some of us went straight to lunch, others like Hamish and I got our books signed. Then soon after, Leonie Agnew had a talk to us. She mainly talked about how you should never give up and also a little about her books (Super finn, Conrad Cooper’s last stand and The Impossible Boy) Then in the middle of her talk, Chris Riddell came and did some drawing while she spoke. Chris spoke about all his books and what he’d been doing recently. He was interesting to listen to, and was also quite funny. After he spoke, that was the end. We stewed around there for a while, watch as schools left one by one. Soon it was time to go. I (personally) had a really great time at the writers festival and delighted that I was allowed to come.
By  Ryan Quinn