Dear Parents and Caregivers

Today we hosted a STEAM Explosion day led by PB Technologies and Using Technology Better. They worked with 240 of our students, in our school hall and in some classrooms. Our students loved the opportunity to problem solve, and play with new technology, some of which we have in our school. This was a great day of learning for our students.


All the best to the Cross Country team competing tomorrow at the Eden/Albert zones. Three staff; Martin Rodwell, Melissa Woods and Olivia Burt, will be accompanying this large team. All the very best.

Matariki Evening – My sincere thanks to Robyn Bull, Violet van Muller, and all of the other staff who last Friday night, supported their children performing, were helping on the set-up and bbq and brought their own whanau along to enjoy the celebration. I believe that it was a fantastic Matariki celebration.

Dragonfly_Bridge and RonelA huge thank you to staff, children and parents for making this year’s Book Fair a great success. It was fantastic to see such great support for the Fair as well as the visit by author and parent Bridget Ellis-Pegler, the Dress Up Day and the daily quiz.
Thanks especially to Paddy and Room 28 and the other senior students for the fabulous decorations.
The total sales for the week were just over $9,900. We get 35% commission from Book Fair sales so that means we have around $3500 to spend on new library books and teaching resources from Scholastic.
A total of 11 books worth $170 were also kindly donated to the library by school families.
Thanks again to everyone who helped with decorating the library, setting up and promoting the Book Fair, helping out at the door and with sales before and after school and packing up. We couldn’t have done it without you!


We welcome Gemma Gray officially as Room 1s teacher for the remainder of the school year, whilst Jo Wong is on maternity leave. Gemma has been in our school all term, relieving across our school, she is on a working visa from Scotland.

Mrs Coxhead is leaving teaching at the end of this term. We have been very fortunate to appoint Isabel Evans who has a B.A. in Linguistics, a Certificate in TESOL, a Masters in Professional Studies (1st class Honours) in Language Teaching and a Graduate Diploma in Primary Education. Isabel is returning to teaching, after taking family leave. She has started this week in our school to ensure that there is a strong transition for the students of Room 9.

Miss Jaime Wilkinson is also leaving our school at the end of this term and is relocating to a school on the North Shore, Belmont Primary nearer to her home. We have appointed a NZ trained teacher, who has just returned from teaching in London to this position. Mandy Monteith has a B.A in Psychology and a Graduate  Diploma in Primary Teaching. She will spend three days working with Miss Burt and Miss Wilkinson in the Learning Hub, before the end of this term, to ensure a smooth transition also for this group of students.

A reminder that the online booking site is open for this Thursday nights Literacy/Numeracy workshops. A brief outline of the workshops available and booking information is outlined below.

Have a great week,
Delanee Dale


Ladies Fashion Night Tickets – SOLD OUT
see below for updated information and call outs for help needed

Waipuna Middle School Stardome Trips this week – Monday 18 June: rooms 13 and 14, Tuesday 19 June: rooms 15 and 16, Wednesday 20 June: room 17,  Thursday 21 June: rooms 22 and 23

Literacy/Numeracy Information Evening this Thursday 21 June, 6:30 – 8pm
see below for booking and workshop details

Matauranga Senior School Assembly this Friday 22 June led by room 28

Auckland Regional Chess Tournament next Monday 25 June

Sausage Sizzle next Friday 29 June led by room 24

Ladies Fashion Event next Saturday 30 June




Dear Parents and Caregivers,

As you will have heard in the media our teachers’ union (NZEI) is concerned about the current teacher shortage, pay and conditions. This Wednesday the 20th of June a large group of our teachers will be attending a paid union meeting commencing at 2pm.

What this means for you:
If you arrive to collect your child from school and they are not in their classroom, then they will be in our school hall. From 1:50-3pm all the children affected by this will be attending a music assembly.

Kind regards,
Ben Fahey
Deputy Principal


Shoot keys for ordering your child’s classroom, individual and/or siblings photos (for those that had them taken) were sent home last Friday with your child. Please check your child has passed this onto you or get in touch with your child’s classroom teacher if not. If you have any issues with your shoot key not working please contact Photolife directly.
Please note room 11 will have their class and individual photos taken later in the year.

Change of Clothes
If your child is prone to getting a bit muddy, please make sure an extra set of clothes is packed over the winter months. Thank you.

Office Closing Time Change
The office will close at the earlier time of 3:15pm this Friday 22 June.



A big thank you to the parents and grandparents who have stepped in to help at Reading club.


Thursday 21 June
6:30 – 7pm Introduction talk in the Hall
7 – 7:25pm Workshop 1
7:30 – 8pm Workshop 2

Online bookings open on Tuesday 12 June at 12pm. They close at 9am on Thursday 21 June.

Booking site:
Unique school code: cjecf

Guided reading in the Junior School
Held in room 1 and 2
In this workshop, you will be given the opportunity to experience first hand what happens in a typical guided reading session in the junior school.  You will see how we introduce students to an unseen text by prompting students to make predictions and inferences whilst exploring the illustrations and new vocabulary in the book. You will learn some of the strategies which we teach to students during guided reading that support them when they decode unknown words whilst reading the text independently.  We will also share some ideas of how you can work with your child at home.

Guided writing years 1 – 3
Held in room 4
Within this workshop, we will unpack the key features of daily writing instruction for Years 1 – 3.  Because of the complexity for young children to develop literacy knowledge and skills, emphasis will target developing an understanding of how each component of literacy supports the development of writing alongside the developmental continuum of writing.  Some simple strategies that parents can employ at home will be presented. You will be taken through a typical writing session that children experience so you can see how the teaching of different components of literacy is integrated into daily teaching and learning programmes.  

Writing years 4 – 6
Held in room 19
In this workshop, you will experience what it is like to take part in a writing lesson in Years 4 – 6 at Maungawhau. The focus of this lesson will be to describe a moment in time using showing not telling.   

Guided reading years 4 – 6
Held in room 20
Have you ever wondered what this common report comment means – “Johnny is developing a deeper understanding of what he reads by using the comprehension strategy, inference”.
In my guided reading lesson, I will discuss what comprehension is and show you how it is introduced to students through a guided reading lesson.
“When we read, we stretch the limits of the literal text by folding our experience and belief into the literal meanings in the text, creating a new interpretation, an inference”

Personalised learning in writing
Held in room 17
This workshop will show you how personalised writing works in the classroom.  We’ll look at the writing process, planning for learning and how we cater for different needs with workshops and conferencing.
(Please note that this workshop is being offered at an earlier time of 7:30am in Rm 17 before school)

Writing Support programme (with parents of students who go to Georgina)
Held in room 18
This workshop is for the parents of students who work with Georgina. In this workshop, you will find out how the programme is designed based on students’ needs, what happens in a Writing Support lesson and some ways that you can help your child improve their writing at home.

Group for new parents of 5 year olds
Held in room 11
This workshop is for parents of 5 year olds who are new to Maungawhau School. The focus of this workshop is to unpack the ways in which parents can support their children while transitioning to school, with emphasis on early literacy and oral language foundation skills.

Junior Maths
Held in the Staffroom
This workshop introduces you to how we teach Maths in years 1-3.  We will focus on the importance of developing knowledge and its relationship to strategy development as a child moves through the stages of the Numeracy Project.  You will see how we use a range of equipment to support learning. You will also get some ideas on how to help at home.

Maths Years 4 – 6
Held in the Library
In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of how Maths is taught in years 4-6 at Maungawhau School. How you learned Maths may be very different to how your child is currently. You will gain an insight into how strategies are being taught, and how this helps to develop your child’s understanding of numbers. You will also see how teachers achieve a balanced programme which incorporates the learning of basic facts, the development of number knowledge and strand areas such as Algebra and Statistics.






You can still support this event by buying raffle tickets.

RAFFLE TICKETS FOR SALE – pop-up ticket sale after school every day this week so don’t forget cash! Come to see us in the junior courtyard or library.

Nearly $5k worth of prizes to be won from our raffle prize draw! Plus, you don’t need to be attending the event on the night to be in to win!

You can also buy tickets from the office or online through kindo (Go to Fashion Night at the bottom of the ‘Store’ page to buy online) Buy Now (via kindo).

Raffle 1 and 2

Raffle 3 and remaining prizes


Last day to drop these off was TODAY, but if you get them in by tomorrow we will still accept them.


Strings of fairy lights (white bulbs only please), icicle lights, festoon lights, Christmas lights etc. All lengths useful.  Either plug-in and battery pack ones.

We will take very good care of them!

Please label lights (and box) clearly with name and phone number and drop into the office asap or we can pick up no problem.  Please get in touch with if you are happy to loan us anything for one night (June 30th).


We have just found out that our stage spotlights are broken and we need them fixed asap as our event is only 3 weeks away… you know anyone who can help us, please?  Please contact


We need about 14 long length mirrors for our event, so if you are happy to loan us one for the night, could you please let us know by contacting


The fashion team needs some triplicate docket books for sales on the night and these are very expensive to buy, so due to it being a fundraiser, we really don’t want to spend money on these……so does anyone have any they don’t need or happy to donate? Please contact



Top Student: Aditi Ravikumar from room 24 with 31,000 points
Top Class: Room  14 with 44,603 points


FOR YOUR DIARIES (Please check regularly as dates and times can change. Any updates in red will be highlighted)

Term 2  (please check the school website calendar, notices coming home for more details on upcoming activities and events)

  • Waipuna Middle School Stardome Trip – Monday 18 June: rooms 13 and 14, Tuesday 19 June: rooms 15 and 16, Wednesday 20 June: room 17,  Thursday 21 June: rooms 22 and 23
  • Literacy/Numeracy Information Evening – Thursday 21 June, 6:30 – 8pm 
  • Auckland Regional Chess Tournament – Monday 25 June
  • Sausage Sizzle – Friday 29 June led by room 24
  • Ladies Fashion Event – Saturday 30 June
  • End of Term 2 – Friday 6 July, 3pm finish

Term 3: TOD (Teacher Only Day) School Closed – Friday 24 August

Term 2 Sports Zones Dates (please note this is for teams of selected students only)

  • Cross Country – Tuesday 19 June, held at Fowlds Park, Mt Albert

Term 2 Assembly Timetable (Assemblies start at 2pm. Please note there will be limited room for parents and caregivers at whole school assemblies if they are held in the school hall)

  • Friday 22 June – Matauranga Senior School – led by room 28
  • Friday 29 June – Maungawhau Whole School – led by rooms 19 and 20 (Senior Habitat)


Meetings are held in the school staffroom and start at 5:30pm.

  • Thursday 28 June 


  • next meeting date TBC


Bridget Ellis-Pegler (Mum to Jo-Jo Ellis-Ducobu in R23) is the author of a recently-launched book for kids, ‘Dragonfly’; a story of friendship between two kids from different planets. It’s an illustrated novel for junior readers, and it includes augmented reality. Bridget and her business partner Ronel Schodt came to school last week to talk about the book, and the larger transmedia project that Dragonfly is part of (books, video games, a TV series, and more). The project is called The Zingoshi Chronicles. It’s strongly narrative, values-based, and has STEAM subjects woven through it (science, technology, engineering, art and maths). It’s all about guiding kids to become creative leaders in fun and inspiring ways. The Zingoshi team would love kids to submit their own ideas about a fictional planet to They can write something, e.g. a poem, story, description, do some art, or make a model and email the photograph. Entries will be published on the website and entered into a prize draw on 29 June. The first name drawn will win a copy of Dragonfly and will be announced in the last newsletter for the term, on the following Monday and on the school’s Facebook page.

 Helen O'Grady Advert small.jpgHelen O’Grady Children’s Drama Academy has classes for students aged 5 to 17 years, in your area.

We are aimed at developing ongoing confidence, self-esteem and skills in verbal communication.

*  Our programme is exciting, motivational and great fun.

*  All our teachers have specialist training in the Helen O’Grady Drama System.

*  Enrolling now for Term 3; phone Debbie Napier, on 836 0233 for further details.

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MRI open day August 1st




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