Dear Parents and Caregivers

We are heading into the home straight now after a busy, engaging term. Today sees the Regional Chess competition held in our school hall, with over 170 students from 23 Schools involved.  Our school placed a very credible second. My thanks to Paddy Raju and the small but committed group of Maungawhau parents who always cater and support these students well.

My thanks to the parents who attended last Thursday’s Literacy and Numeracy evening. My thanks also to the teachers who prepared and facilitated workshops – Marilyn Schroeder, Tania Plaisier, Jaime Wilkinson and Liz Lapish. We have had great attendance at all of our parent forums this term; FOMS (with a presentation on ILEs from staff), ESOL, Maori & Pasifika, Mathletics & Reading Eggs. As part of our Community Engagement goal in our Strategic Plan, we have intentionally moved our parent forums to earlier in the school year.

Congratulations to the Maungawhau Cross Country Squad who won the Eden/Albert Primary School Cross Country Zones last Tuesday. It is great to have the trophy back! A report will follow next week.

Cross Country Winners 2018

The removal of National Standards – What next for Maungawhau?
At Maungawhau we understand and appreciate the value that National Standards has provided to schools since 2010. While the new Minister of Education has announced that schools are no longer required to report against or use National Standards, we are not abandoning them totally.

What will we be using and reporting against?
Moving forward we will be using the Maths, Reading and Writing Standards as a guide to inform teachers about what is required by our learners at each year level. We will also use resources such as the Learning Progression Frameworks (LPF’s) to help us make consistent and robust decisions about student learning. Specific assessments administered by teachers previously will remain and will continue to be used by teachers to inform their programme. We will continue to report to parents with accurate and valid data, regarding your child’s progress which will be measured against National Curriculum Levels – Teachers will still be using the same assessment tools to gather data on students’ learning.

What will change?
Long before schools were required to report against National Standards, teachers were measuring student progress against National Curriculum Levels. This is something we have always done and will continue to do. You will be pleased to know that we are not making any major changes to assessment or reporting. The only area you may notice is that instead of having a National Standard in the report, you will now see a National Curriculum Level.

What does “Curriculum Level” mean?
There are 8 Curriculum levels which stretch across years 1-13 of schooling. While attending primary school children are typically expected to be learning between levels 1-3 of the New Zealand Curriculum. You can follow this link to find more detailed information, then click on the PDF entitled ‘Curriculum achievement objectives by level’.  

What are the Learning Progression Frameworks (LPF’s)?
The learning progression frameworks illustrate the significant steps that learners take as they develop their expertise in reading, writing, and mathematics from years 1 to 10. Teachers can use the frameworks to identify students’ reading, writing, and mathematics knowledge and skills. Teachers can also use the frameworks to plan programmes that provide learning opportunities which will enable students to succeed at intermediate school and beyond.

For more information regarding the terminology mentioned above, please visit the following sites;

Note: National Standards remain on anniversary reports (years 1-3) as these have been continually sent out since the beginning of the year but this report format will be reviewed for 2019.

Have a great week,
Delanee Dale


Ladies Fashion Night Tickets – SOLD OUT – NO DOOR SALES
see below for updated information and call outs for help needed

All outstanding Entertainment Books need to be either returned to the box provided in the office or paid for asap please

Auckland Regional Chess Tournament today Monday 25 June

Maungawhau Whole School this Friday 29 June – led by rooms 19 and 20 (Senior Habitat)

Sausage Sizzle scheduled for this Friday 29 June – POSTPONED

Ladies Fashion Event this Saturday 30 June

End of Term 2 next Friday 6 July, 3pm finish

OSCAR Holiday Programme out now
see community notices for more details



Chaos at the Gate

We have recently received several complaints from concerned parents, road patrol students, their supervisors and neighbours about the chaos at our school gate. We ask that our families take extra care around the school at pick up and drop off times. Please be mindful of our neighbours, not blocking their driveways and please do not use the school carparks as a pickup or drop off point at any time. This puts our students at extreme risk.  The cones are not to be moved at any time as they are there to make drivers aware of the safety zones around the road patrol area. Please DO NOT park or stop on the yellow lines and DO NOT encourage the children to get in the car while you are double parked or run across the road to meet you.

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Road Patrol
The Road patrol students are in need of more Adult supervisors for term 3. If you can help please email Georgina Jackson at
Thank you





FASHION EVENT this Saturday 30 June – 7pm sharp!

Don’t forget to buy your raffle tickets either online with kindo or after school sales located around Junior Courtyard or Library.

Grab a chance to win some of the amazing raffle prizes – you don’t need to attend the night to win!  Simply buy online now – 4 x raffle tickets for $10 or 1 for $3.

Raffle 1 and 2

Raffle New update 25 June


Only 5 sleeps until our big Fashion Night.  At our meeting last week we realised we need a few things we hadn’t thought of, so if any of you can help with this we would really appreciate it if we could loan them for 1 night…..pretty please with a cherry on top!  Please email

  1. We need any sort of portable screen/room dividers to use as change rooms.
  2. We need large drink dispensers for our cocktail bar – 7ltr or more capacity.
  3. Large chilli bins for cooling beer, wine and bar ice – we need about 6 large ones.
  4. Fresh mint and LOTS of it for our cocktails.
  5. Fresh grapefruit – again for our cocktails.
  6. Any spare Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequila or Cointreau! (pls drop any donations at the office)
  7. We also need some help for pack-down on Sunday.  Usually the crew are exhausted from working all day and night on event day, not to mention months in the lead up, so having new fresh people on Sunday morning to help us pack down, is a really good morale booster! If you can please let me know if you are able to lend a hand to support us.

call outs



Wondering what to wear on the night???? This is a Fashion Event – it’s a night to enjoy and it’s a chance to get glammed up or even dress to impress if you like….but most importantly think your everyday style. Remember to wear clothes that are easy to change in and out of if you are going to take advantage of some of the designers on sale!



Top Student:  Aditi Ravikumar from room  24 with  25,000 points
Top Class: Room 9 with 47,087 points
Congratulations to Aditi again, and well done Room 9!

FOR YOUR DIARIES (Please check regularly as dates and times can change. Any updates in red will be highlighted)

Term 2  (please check the school website calendar, notices coming home for more details on upcoming activities and events)

  • Auckland Regional Chess Tournament – Monday 25 June
  • Sausage Sizzle – Friday 29 June led by room 24 – POSTPONED. New date to be confirmed
  • Ladies Fashion Event – Saturday 30 June
  • End of Term 2 – Friday 6 July, 3pm finish

Term 3: TOD (Teacher Only Day) School Closed – Friday 24 August

Term 2 Sports Zones Dates (please note this is for teams of selected students only)

  • Cross Country – Tuesday 19 June, held at Fowlds Park, Mt Albert

Term 2 Assembly Timetable (Assemblies start at 2pm. Please note there will be limited room for parents and caregivers at whole school assemblies if they are held in the school hall)

  • Friday 29 June – Maungawhau Whole School – led by rooms 19 and 20 (Senior Habitat)


“Let the countdown begin. Save Friday 17 August in your diaries. This year’s quiz night promises to be out of this world. Further details will follow beginning of Term 3, but we know how much you love to dress up, so get the teams sorted and let the planning begin. ”

Save the date



Meetings are held in the school staffroom and start at 5:30pm.

  • Thursday 28 June 


  • next meeting date TBC


What Now Poster (1) (2)
1. July Holiday Programme
2. July Holiday Programme
3. July Holiday Programme
Check out all the activities on offer with Auckland Live


  • Big Bad Wolf (second week of school holidays)
    You may remember him as the scary wolf from the fairytales we all know and love, The Three Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. But, the Big Bad Wolf, or Wolfy as he’s better known, has never meant to scare anyone!

Wolfy loooves poetry and he’s a “vege-matarian” – which means he eats broccoli, not rabbits! All the little wolfling ever wanted was a friend. See him live at the Bruce Mason Centre these school holidays!

  • Pick & Mix – FREE weekend performances and workshops during winter! The season features performances by the Royal NZ Ballet, NZ Opera, the National Youth Theatre Company and so many more incredible company’s! Running from the 30 June – 2 September at Aotea Centre, Auckland Town Hall, Bruce Mason Centre and Māngere Arts Centre. AND it’s all for FREE! We hope to see you there

Plus some other school holiday activities:

 Realisticus Term programme School Advert horizontal template NEW (2) (2)

 Helen O'Grady Advert small.jpgHelen O’Grady Children’s Drama Academy has classes for students aged 5 to 17 years, in your area.

We are aimed at developing ongoing confidence, self-esteem and skills in verbal communication.

*  Our programme is exciting, motivational and great fun.

*  All our teachers have specialist training in the Helen O’Grady Drama System.

*  Enrolling now for Term 3; phone Debbie Napier, on 836 0233 for further details.

mangawhau final_Page_1

MRI open day August 1st




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