Dear Parents and Caregivers

This week we have four students writing on behalf of the Year 5 & 6 students who attended EOTC activities and camp last week. The students are Johnson, Rylee, Hugh and Sophie all from the Senior Habitat. This is followed by Mr Fahey writing about the recent senior speech finals held.
I look forward to seeing you at the art exhibition in our school on Thursday from 11am.

Kind regards
Delanee Dale

EOTC Report
Hi, my name is Johnson and I‘m going to tell you about the first day of EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) for me, which was ice skating. We arrived at paradice ice skating and it was so cold! But that wasn’t the worst thing, because I kept on falling over! My friends were experts at it. So I decided to focus on myself. A few minutes later, I was finally getting grip on the ice. My friends gave me great advice, as to how to balance. After my lunch break, however, I was back to falling over again partly because of the slipperiness of the ice. I pushed myself up with all my strength and I fell over again. After I did that for the third time in a row, I finally got up. After the fall, we needed to get off the ice, because an ice tractor came into the ice stadium to smooth the ice. Even the huge tractor was drifting on every turn.  So, that was the end of ice skating. I was totally glad that we don’t have to do any other work.

The Millennium Centre
Hi, my name is Rylee and I am in the senior habitat. Today the word that is on everybody’s lips is Millennium. Millennium is a training center for athletes around NZ to come and prepare for their next big moment. After a long bus ride, the year 5’s in the senior habitat changed to their swimming togs and were ready to start training in a way that all kids should learn and value when they are swimming. We were split into two groups because we had two water based activities. The groups were both a mixture of boys and girls, Group one got the chance to do kayaking first and group two got to do water safety first. We all have to put on life jackets because the pool is really deep.

Let’s start with water safety, water safety is an activity to learn all the basic things you need to know if you are out at sea and you have fallen out of your boat and stuff like that. First the instructor told us how to hold each other when we are out at sea and we sea land that we can rest at. We also learned the three swimming styles you have to use if you want to get to an island with a person or by yourself. We learned many other techniques that are useful out at sea and we got to practice some on a small boat!!

Now to Kayaking, for Kayaking we have to wobble a little to the left then wobble a little to the right and tip ourselves in the water, letting go of the rim of the Kayak and go free! After that we have to kayak around the pool to improve our skills, it was really fun and can be difficult at the start but once you get the hang of it it was easy.

For the land based activities we stayed in our two groups, Group one did rock climbing first and group two did team relays. For team relays, we split into two groups and competed in lots of activities such as acid river and obstacle jumping. For rock climbing we got into groups, put our harnesses on and started to climb, it was good fun and we all enjoyed it.

EOTC 2018 Millennium

EOTC 2018 Corbans

Camp 2018 was an extraordinary experience for most of the time. The activities challenged you in more ways than one and was lots of fun, but scary at the same time. The camp was very active and for some people left an uneasy feeling in their stomach. These activities included,  the high beam, the high swing, the flying kiwi & more. These activities tested your abilities to the max. You were able to set goals for yourself, maybe your goal was to get across the high beam and touch the other pole, or it could have been climbing up the ladder, every student had a different goal in mind. My overall goal for camp was to do the high swing, I did it, although it was pretty scary it was the best part of camp for me. – Sophie. My goal for camp was to at least climb the pole for the high swing which I did, not all the way but I’m glad I gave it a shot – Hugh.

Everyone who either worked there or came along were very supportive. They encouraged you to do your best or complete your goal. They did this during a lot of activities such as the high beam, high swing, archery, air rifles, climbing wall, flying kiwi, and much, much more. When I was up on the platform for the high swing the lady who was clipping you on to the wire tried to take your mind off it, she said pretend you’re Dora The Explorer putting on backpack and ready to go on your next adventure – Sophie.

The cabins were very cozy & unlike outside, these cabins were warm. They felt a lot like a small house because they had heaters and even though the mattresses were basically gym mats they were still comfortable & our sleeping bags made it feel super soft & comfy. The campfire was awesome although we didn’t roast marshmallows it was still really fun. There was a competition between the dads, the mums and the teachers, they thought of a performance that they had made up on the spot. The dads sang a song and got into a cheerleading pyramid, the mums sang songs and did actions to the songs. One of the dad’s reckoned the teachers cheated because they used music and did the baby shark song with the actions. That night was really fun. We also did singing competitions between each set of bleachers and our side WON!!! (once the other side had already won two times).

There were two options for breakfast and dinner (lunch you had no choice except for toppings.). For breakfast on both mornings we had a choice between toast, corn flakes, rice bubbles & spaghetti on toast & for a treat you can sprinkle sugar on top. The first night we had nachos or a choice of pasta with salad on the side. On the second night we had the choice of butter chicken and rice or just chicken. For dessert on the first night we had a small tub of ice cream each, and on the second night we got ice cream sandwiches with strawberry wafers.

Year 6 Camp 2018

APPA Speech Finalists 2018
Year 5 & 6 Speech Competition
On Wednesday 22 August our annual year 5 & 6 speech competition was held in the Maungawhau School hall. One child from each class was selected to compete with the runner up being given the role of introducing them. Congratulations to the following children.

Room 19 – class winner: Faiza Burki, class runner-up: Ryan Quinn
Room 20 – class winner: Peggy Taylor, class runner-up: Noa Davidson
Room 24 – class winner: Joia Jackson, class runner-up: Falak Falaah
Room 25 – class winner: Leo Ross, class runner-up: Ryan Smith
Room 27 – class winner: Sophie Pearce, class runner-up: Holly Webster
Room 28 – class winner: Mila Hrstic, class runner-up: Katie Hannan

The courage, talent and confidence displayed by all of these children was outstanding. Thank you to our two guest judges Faye Philp (who has participated in Toastmasters) and Bryce Mills (Deputy Principal at Auckland Normal Intermediate) who were both very impressed by our speech finalists. At the conclusion of the event, the overall winner was announced as Peggy Taylor from Room 20. Peggy has now qualified to compete against other school winners at the Eden/ Albert zone finals which are being held at Gladstone Primary School on Wednesday 12 September, we wish her all the very best.



Term 3 Week 7
Year 4-6 Conferences this Thursday 6 September
(bookings open, see below for more details)
Students Art Exhibition this Thursday 6 September 
Fair Dress Up Day (Crazy Hair) this Friday 7 September
Waipuna Middle School Assembly this Friday 7 September led by rooms 15 and 16
Netball Prizegiving this Friday 7 September, from 3:15pm
Term 3 Week 8
Lucky Book Orders Issue #6 Close – Monday 10 September
Middle School MOTAT Visit – Tuesday 11 September (rooms 13,14,23 and 17)
Middle School MOTAT Visit -Wednesday 12 September (rooms 15,16 and 22)
Champ of Champs Gymnastics Competition – Thursday 13 September
FOMS Meeting – Thursday 13 September
(This term’s meeting will be a relaxed and friendly opportunity to meet with other parents and school management.  If you do have any items to raise before the meeting please use this response form .  Look forward to seeing you there!)
APPA Choir Rehearsal – Friday 14 September


Second dress up day – crazy hair day this Friday 7 September

Junior School – bring a packet of wrapped sweets for Carnival Games prizes
Middle School – bring something for Chocolate Demise Stall:
Room 13 / 14 – white sugar
Room 15/ 16- soft brown sugar
Room 17 / 22/ 23 – cocoa or flour
Senior School – chocolate bars (any size – large and small!) for carnival game called Chocolate Throw

Crazy Hair Day 2018



This Thursday 6 September we will have our Student-Led Conferences for our year 4 – 6 students.
This will follow the same format as last year, we will be hosting 4 families at a time, in half hour slots. The purpose of this format is to give children an opportunity to share their work, reflect on what they have been learning and give families the opportunity to have more time in the classroom to celebrate their children’s learning.
Each student will be carefully stationed around the classroom, to allow for conversations to take place around their work and time for teachers to participate in these conversations. Children have worked hard during the year to produce some fantastic work. These conferences are an opportunity for them to share what they have achieved and what they are working towards.
If you wish to have a private conversation about your child’s learning please email their teacher directly to set up an appointment.

Bookings are now open.
To make your booking please go to
Event code: bq2db


Term 3, Week 6

Top Student: Annabel Zhang from room 6 with 8,840 points
Top Class: Room 23 with 23,067 points


Term 3  (please check the school website calendar, notices coming home for more details/updates on upcoming activities and events)

  • Year 4-6 Conferences – Thursday 6 September
  • Students Art Exhibition – Thursday 6 September (11am-7:45pm in the school hall)
  • Fair Dress Up Day (Crazy Hair) – Friday 7 September
  • Netball Prizegiving – Friday 7 September, from 3:15pm
  • Lucky Book Orders Issue #6 Close – Monday 10 September
  • Middle School MOTAT Visit – Tuesday 11 September (rooms 13,14,23 and 17)
  • Middle School MOTAT Visit -Wednesday 12 September (rooms 15,16 and 22)
  • APPA Choir Rehearsal – Friday 14 September
  • Fair Stall Holders Meeting – Monday 17 September (7:30-8:30pm in the staffroom)
  • Sausage Sizzle Day – Friday 21 September

Term 3 Sports Zones Dates (please note this is for teams of selected students only)

  • Champ of Champs Gymnastics Competition – Thursday 13 September

Term 3 Assembly Timetable (Assemblies start at 2pm. Please note there will be limited room for parents and caregivers at whole school assemblies)

  • Friday 7 September – Waipuna Middle School – led by rooms 15 and 16
  • Friday 14 September – Matauranga Senior School – led by the Senior Habitat
  • Friday 28 September – Maungawhau Whole School – led by room 28

Term 3 menu available here


Meetings are held in the school staffroom and start at 5:30pm.

  • Thursday 27 September


Meetings are held in the school staffroom and start at 7:30pm.

  • Thursday 13 September

RSVP link here:
Agenda to follow.


Education Conversation - Wesley

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Mangawhau primary term 4 offical



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