Dear Parents and Caregivers

HATS – Last Friday at our Whole School Assembly we explained a hat initiative designed to get all of our students into the habit of wearing hats when they are outside. I showed them various bucket hats being worn in our school and described how some students have had their name embroidered on their hat and have had a toggle made for underneath their chin – all good ideas. At this stage, I do not expect year 6 students to buy a new school hat for 6 weeks. We do have lots of stock of school hats, and this is the preference, however, any bucket hat is acceptable (not caps, which give minimal protection).

The plan is that at the conclusion of the second break each day a tally will be sent to Mr Fahey of how many students from each class have brought their hat. At the end of the week Mr Fahey will work out the highest percentage per class and there will be a winning prize of ice blocks. We trust that you will support the school in this initiative.

CLASS PLACEMENTS FOR 2019 – We are starting to get feedback from all classroom teachers, as to their recommendations for 2019, i.e. students who work well together and should ideally be kept together, and students who would benefit from being separated from each other. Ideally the last three year 0 classes to start – Rooms 11, 12, and 18 we try to keep together as much as possible. In other classes, there is more movement. Every year we get over 100 communications from parents making special requests for their child. We spend four weeks at school on this process, listening and talking with classroom teachers, our SENCO, and team leaders.

In 2019 I have decided to;

  • add an extra Year 2 class (because of the student numbers),
  • keep the junior team together, by recapturing Room 13 for the last Year 0 class, therefore not offering an ILE in year 3
  • Adding one extra class in the senior team to reduce class numbers  (one composite Year 5/6)
  • ILE for 2019 – one for two year 4 classes (Rooms 15 and 16), and one in the Senior Habitat of a Year 5 class and a year 6 class (as per this year)
  • One composite Year 3/4 class to help with their class sizes.
  • I have already appointed six new teachers starting next year due to roll growth, two maternity leave positions and two resignations, from teachers leaving Auckland. I am delighted with all six appointments, many of whom are attending some professional learning this term to bring them up to speed with how we teach at Maungawhau School.

My intention in sharing this information early on is for you to understand the bigger picture of the school organisation – e.g. some new staff across all levels of the school, whom you don’t know, and some small structural changes. A colleague principal once asked me who I wanted as a teacher for my own daughter. I responded “You know my daughter and you know your staff. I trust you to place her”.  He did and got it right.

I would appreciate you trusting the school in placing your child with the right teacher and some good learning friends. There is a form available from the office this week to assist us with this process if your child has specific learning needs, and/or behavioural issues. The form is due back this Friday please.

POTENTIAL STRIKE  – Please read the important communication from our Board Chair Stephanie Sidoruk regarding a potential NZEI strike next Monday 12 November.

Have a great week,
Delanee Dale

Information Regarding Possible Teacher Strike on Monday 12 November

Dear Parents and Caregivers

New Zealand’s principals and primary teachers have just voted for a national rolling strike to get government action on the current crisis in recruiting and retaining teachers. This includes strikes across all Auckland Schools on Monday 12th November.  The Board is fully supportive of our teachers and, unless successful negotiations occur over the next two weeks, Maungawhau School will be open only for supervision on Monday 12th November. We regret the inconvenience we know this will cause.

Whilst we have been extremely fortunate with the teaching staff we have at Maungawhau, nationally schools are facing a teacher shortage, with over half of schools reporting they didn’t have enough teachers in term three. There has been a 40% drop in people training to be teachers, while school rolls continue to climb.  The Ministry is currently engaged in an international recruitment drive, in a desperate bid to meet the need.

There is also a critical need for increased support for children with additional learning needs.

In order to ensure that teaching is an attractive, sustainable profession to retain and attract great teachers the union is asking for:

  • Improved teacher-student ratios
  • More resources and staffing to adequately support children with additional learning needs – this will benefit all children because teachers will be freed to spend more one-on-one time with every student
  • A significant increase in teachers’ salaries so that they are properly valued for their qualifications and responsibilities, and as a country, we can recruit and retain teachers

The Board has carefully considered the availability of teaching staff on the proposed strike day Monday 12 November and unfortunately decided that we can’t provide the normal teaching services during the strike. If possible we suggest that you make alternative arrangements for the care of your child/children on the day of the strike and do not send them to school.

If this is difficult we can still supervise students if required. Please contact the office as soon as possible or send a note to indicate if your child/children will need this.

Our After School Care will still remain open for the normal operating hours (7.30 – 8.30 am & 3.00 – 6.00 pm).  If your child/children are currently booked in for that day and you no longer require this booking it is important that you let Natalie Hoo the OSCAR Manager know as soon as possible so she can roster the correct number of staff.

We appreciate your continued support on this important issue. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Board via our Chairperson Stephanie Sidoruk on if you wish to discuss.

Ngā mihi,
The Board of Trustees




The Maungawhau school action group are promoting the 30-day Switch to Water Challenge which is sponsored by the NZ Dental Association.  The aim of the challenge is to educate children about the benefits of switching sugary drinks to water. Students are invited to sign up for the challenge which will begin on Monday 5th November.  

The schools which receive the most students participating in the challenge, relative to the school roll will go into the draw to win a visit from Olympian Eliza McCartney and $500 for the school to go towards a new water fountain or sporting equipment.

Please support your child at home if they have chosen to be a part of this challenge.
Thank you
Ms Plaisier & the Maungawhau School Action Group




Congratulations to the following students who have achieved extremely well in the ICAS Maths assessments this year.   High Distinction and Distinction certificates will be given out to students at the next whole school assembly on Friday 7th December.
Tania Plaisier
(Associate Principal)

High Distinction: Cheng Hao Li
Distinction: Sam Evans, Jayden Chen, Benjamin Hoult, Elyse Lam, Cheng Yu Li, Renish Shah, Jimmy Zhang, Theo Heather, Ruxin Chen, Joshua Radcliffe, Caitlyn Sivaganesan, Edward Yuan, Leo Ross, Ze Kai Shi, Naveen Ter Wal, William Jiang
Credit: Rory O’Grady, Noa Davidson, Alexis Farley, Jiangyuan Liu, Arya Naidu, Liam O’Grady, Jack Dunmore, Max Heather, Nicholas Lum, Michael Ma
Merit: Karina Patel, Benny Snow, Logan Fong, Tyler Pound, Alice Tran





Student Absence – To report your child’s absence please either email the classroom teacher (cc or alternatively use the report an absence tab on the school website. Please make sure your child’s full name, room number and the reason for the absence is clearly given. This ensures the correct codes are recorded on the daily roll as per the Ministry of Education guidelines. All holiday leave during term time needs to be addressed to the principal (cc and the classroom teacher) in advance, please.

2017 Cup/Trophy Winners – Can any current families who had children that were year 6 cup or trophy winners in 2017 please return these cups/trophies to the school office by this Friday 9 November. Thank you.

Eco Store Products – There are limited numbers of products that were for sale on this fair stall that can still be purchased at the school office.

Calendar Art – All information regarding the ordering process of your child’s calendar art will be forwarded in a separate communication asap. Please note the ordering timeline will be very short this year.


Eco Store Pre Orders – You will receive a notification when your order is ready to collect.

Fair Pre Sales – We ask that payment for any unpaid fair pre-sales be paid at the school office asap, please. Thank you.

Year 0-5 2018 Leavers – If your child/ren are not returning to Maungawhau in 2019, please inform the school office asap as this helps with planning for 2019 which is well underway. Thank you.


  • Congratulations to the Maungawhau Fireballs Yr 6 Futsal team. They represented Auckland along with three other teams in a tournament against the Australian Schools select Futsal team. They managed to beat two of the four Australian teams. The Auckland team won overall. Pictured Lt to Rt Tyler Pound, William Harre, Ben Gowan, Henry Spencer, Luke Montgomery, William Britton and Luke Jones.



  • We had an amazing day on Sunday saying farewell to the Australian Futsal National Touring Squad (10 yrs)
    with a special International Futsal event:

NZ Futsal Selection vs Australian Futsal National Touring Squad (NZ 2018)

Sun 4 Nov 18

Final Results:
CHAMPION:    NZ Futsal Selection :  20 pts  (Over 9 x games: Won 7; Drew 1; Lost 1)
Runner-Up:      Australian Futsal: 5 pts (Over 9 x games:  Won 1; Drew 1; Lost 7)
Congratulations to Maungawhau School Futsal players on their selection & fantastic performances on court:
Luke Jones, William Britton, Henry Spencer, Hugo Copely, Harry Walker and Logan Fong




Term 4, Week 3
Top Student:  Aditi Ravikumar from room 24 with 22,070 points
Top Class: Room  28 with 43,466 points


Term 4  (please check the school website calendar, notices coming home for more details/updates on upcoming activities and events

  • APPA Choir Dress Rehearsal at Auckland Town Hall – Monday 5 November
  • APPA Choir Evening Performance at Auckland Town Hall – Tuesday 6 November
  • Transition to School Open Morning – Friday 9 November
  • Year 3-6 Athletics Track Day – Tuesday 13 November (timetable to follow)
  • Year 3-6 Athletics Field Day – Wednesday 14 November (timetable to follow)
  • Year 0-2 Junior Sports Day – Friday 16 November (timetable to follow)
  • Volunteers Thank You Morning Tea – Wednesday 28 November, 11am in the hall
  • Whanake Junior School Beach Ed Trip Days – Monday 3 December (rooms 4, 6 & 10), Tuesday 4 December (rooms 1, 2 & 7), Wednesday 5 December (rooms 11, 12 & 18), Thursday 6 December (rooms 8 & 9), Monday 10 December (rooms 3 & 5)
  • Year 6 Prizegiving – Tuesday 4 December
  • Year 6 Disco – Friday 7 December
  • Transition to School Open Morning – Friday 7 December
  • Matauranga Senior School Picnic – Wednesday 12 December
  • Whanake Junior School Picnic – Thursday 13 December
  • Waipuna Middle School Picnic – Thursday 13 December
  • Term 4 ends – Friday 14 December 12 noon finish

Term 4 Assembly Timetable (Assemblies start at 2pm. Please note there will be limited room for parents and caregivers at whole school assemblies)

  • Whanake Junior School Assembly – Friday 9 November led by rooms 11 & 12
  • Waipuna Middle School Assembly – Friday 23 November led by rooms 13 & 14
  • Matauranga Senior School Assembly – Friday 30 November led by Mr Fahey
  • Maungawhau Whole School Assembly – Thursday 6 December led by Staff
Term 4 Zones Dates Teams of selected students only will represent the school at the following events:
  • Softball Zones – Thursday 8 November
  • Athletics Zones – Thursday 22 November (Save day – Thursday 29 November)


Meetings are held in the school staffroom and start at 5:30pm.

  • Thursday 29 November
  • Thursday 13 December


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