Dear Parents and Caregivers

My thanks to our community for supporting the recent NZEI teachers strike – both by keeping your students home and by your supportive emails/messages/attendance at last Monday’s union meetings. At this stage, we have a few weeks to discuss the latest offer before voting. What was apparent at the meeting was how fortunate our particular school is in terms of a fully staffed school, with quality staff.
Unfortunately, we have had a spate of vandalism recently – some parts of the junior and senior playground unscrewed and removed, and some teenagers on the property after dark playing havoc. My thanks to the neighbours who phoned the police on Thursday night. If you see anything untoward occurring please remind people politely that schools are not public property and phone the police if necessary.

APPA Choir – A huge thank you and congratulations to Claire Pearce who has been working with our APPA choir since the beginning of term two. Their recent performance at the Town Hall was superb. A special congratulations to our students who had solo parts, after auditioning against 450 students from other schools in the combined choir: Beatrix Evans and Joia Jackson singing, Shianne Thomas and Evie May miming during a song, and Joia dancing the Charleston. Our students will never forget their evening performing in the Auckland Town Hall. 

Staff Leaving – As I mentioned in the last newsletter there are a few people leaving/finishing a short-term contract or on maternity leave from the end of this year. To date, those staff members are Maternity leave for 2019 – Rebecca Smith (Dobson) and Jo Wong (ex Room 1 teacher). Short term contracts finishing include Merrilyn Drummond (term 4 Room 17) and Kelbe Bishop (term 4 Room 10). We are extremely fortunate that Tanya Paterson (room 12) and Rosie Mitchell (room 11) have agreed to start New Entrant classes for us later in the school year, as their contracts also finish due to the fact that our roll increases during the school year as more students turn five.
Diana Mobberley who has been at Maungawhau for the last 11 years, resigned recently. Diana started at Maungawhau as our ESOL teacher/International Student Liaison, and later became Senior School team leader, Senior school SENCO and more recently our school SENCO and ESOL lead teacher. Diana has been on sick leave for some time and recently resigned. She has accepted a part time RTLB assessment position closer to home in West Auckland. We wish her all the best and thank her for her time at Maungawhau School. Faye Philp who has been acting in her SENCO role since term 2 of this year has been appointed as permanent SENCO and a classroom release teacher. Prior to this Faye has been principal at Carlson Special School for many years. Faye has already formed positive relationships with our staff and Maungawhau families, she is a welcomed addition to our school team.
Eliot Hall (Room 24) and Olivia Burt (room 20), have resigned and are relocating to the Bay of Plenty. Both Eliot and Olivia started their teaching career at Maungawhau and have secured teaching jobs in Papamoa. They have made a tremendous impact with their students and our wider community with their commitment to extracurricular activities – Eliot coaching various sports teams, responsible for and leading ICT in our school the last two years. Olivia has coached and managed Netball in the past, Gymnastics coach, lead PE and Health this year, worked with House Leaders and choreographed dances for our school shows. I am proud to have witnessed both of them as they have grown as teachers and leaders, and sincerely wish them all the best as they build a life together in a more affordable region. Papamoa’s gain is our loss.

ICT update from Eliot Hall – As many of you know your recent fundraising efforts have enabled us to purchase iPads for our year 1 classes. Below I have asked Eliot to share some important information re ICT as our year 3 – 6  students have a google account, and next year we will be encouraging our year 5 and 6 students to bring their own device to school to support their learning.

Have a great week,
Delanee Dale



Year 3 – 6 classes have 10 Chromebooks. Each student has their own Google Account which is to be used for school purposes only. Students will receive their own personal Gmail account at Year 3. Year 1- 2 classes have tablets in their rooms. Chromebooks and tablets are an essential tool in children’s learning and in teaching programmes. Students are taught how to be cyber safe right from an early age but this also needs to be reiterated and built on at home.  

BYODD (Bring Your Own Directed Device) in the Matauranga Team
The Matauranga Team (Year 5 – 6) have had a year of successfully implementing a BYODD programme and will be continuing this for 2019.
The devices that your children bring in will be used to aid learning and will only be used during class hours. They will be connected to our BYOD WiFi which has been set up to turn on at 8:30am and turn off again at 3pm each day.

This device needs to be able to connect to the internet, have access to Google Drive with ease and have a keyboard. The recommended device is either a Chromebook or a laptop. Please no cell phones, iPods, iPads or Tablets.

Students must return their permission slips before they can bring their devices in. BYODD is not compulsory. However, if you would like to purchase a device, Maungawhau School buy the majority of their ICT equipment through PBtech. PBtech has set up a webpage with appropriate devices to buy and accessories. This website has a range of appropriate devices at reasonable prices for Maungawhau School however if a device is to be purchased it is completely up to you where you purchase it from.

Please note that the school has not entered into a partnership with PBtech so will not be receiving any funds from these sales however we thank them for offering this pricing to the Maungawhau community.

Internet and Chromebook Use
Our school internet is run by a company called Network for Learning (N4L) and this company works closely with the Ministry of Education. N4L has their own safe search options which control what our students are able to see. Our restrictions are very strong at school. Our ICT Provider TTS has been in contact with them to increase the restrictions. TTS has also enabled Safe Search on Google which is on all our students google accounts.

Unfortunately, our restrictions at school do not extend to our Year 3-6 students with their Gmail accounts logged on at home. If you are having any issues with your children looking at content at home that they shouldn’t or is inappropriate one way around this is to contact your internet provider or view their website and speak to them about what parental lock options they might have available.
Teachers cover the importance of being safe online through a cyber safety unit at the beginning of each year.  Students are taught about the 21st century skill of digital citizenship as well as how to communicate and collaborate safely and responsibly online. Being a good digital citizen in the community includes having email etiquette, reporting and preventing cyberbullying and learning how to protect private information.

If you are a parent of a Year 3 – 6 student you may have heard them talking about Hapara. This is a support site that gives teachers access to students’ work and lets us view what all students in their class have opened on their screens. At a quick glance, teachers can see what tabs, websites, Docs, folders and Gmail the children have opened, docs they have been working in and items that have been deleted.
Hapara can also be used to monitor what the children have saved in their Google Drives. It allows us to open up their Docs, Mail and folders and gives us access to view what they have deleted. It is a great tool that we use in our classes for extra safety as well as a way to monitor and make sure children are on task.
We can view and access this between the hours of 8:30am and 3pm. It is very important that you remind your child about the importance of logging out of their account at home as it works when their accounts are logged in.

Children have an email address which is used to receive emails from the teacher, information about sites that they want them to use as well as homework. These email addresses are for learning in school only and children can use them to communicate with family and teachers.

We discourage children from sending emails between one another unless it is for learning purposes. If you notice anything that is happening via emails when you are with your child it is important to inform the classroom teacher immediately so it can be followed up. Children who are sending inappropriate emails will have their accounts suspended and spoken to by someone on the ICT team. A member of the ICT team will also make contact with their parents to inform them that their child’s account has been suspended and the reasons why this has happened.

Please feel free to contact Eliot Hall, our ICT Lead Teacher at if you have any further questions.


Thanks to the support from Maungawhau school the Eat My Lunch Company have been successful at reaching their goal of providing the one-millionth free lunch. Maungawhau schools support enabled 188 give lunches to be provided to needy kids.
The Maungawhau school action group have decided they would like to continue to support the Eat My Lunch company and their work to alleviate child poverty in NZ by hosting a second Eat My Lunch day at Maungawhau Primary school on Tuesday 27 November with a Christmas lunch being provided to all children who place a lunch order.  Details about the Eat My Lunch day are included in the poster below. Ordering instructions will be sent out shortly as we are going to trial a new way of doing this.

All lunch orders will need to be placed online by Friday 23 November.
We thank you for your support!
Ms Plaisier & the Maungawhau School Action Group

Mangawhau Schools Poster



School Pool Keys Available for Purchase – Our school pool will be open for key holders from this Saturday 24 November until the end of term 1 2019, weather permitting. There are a limited number of keys that will be available to our school community from tomorrow 20 November. They are only available from the school office at a cost of $190 each (inclusive of a $50 refundable key bond). Terms and conditions apply and keys can only be purchased by a parent or caregiver.

Calendar Art – All information regarding the ordering process of your child’s calendar art will be sent home with your child tomorrow, Tuesday 20 November. Each child receives their own unique code. Orders can be placed online only from this Wednesday 21 November and close next Wednesday 28 November.

Eco Store Products – Last chance to buy!
Our Eco Store was very successful at the school fair. We have the last products available for you to buy. These make great gifts. Buy at the office.
Beeswax Lunch Wraps – $20 each
Grey Stars theme – 6 left
Reusable Washable Produce Bags – $20 pack of 5
12 packs left
Stainless steel drink bottles – $15 each
Great for kids at school 
Blue – 1 left, Silver – 2 left, Pink – 3 left, Black – 4 left, White – 4 left

Fair Pre-Sales – All outstanding accounts for any unpaid fair pre-sales needs to be paid at the school office ASAP, please. Thank you.


Maungawhau students Leo Ross, Cheng Hao Li, Zekai Shi, Michael Ma and Cheng Yu Li recently took part in the primary school chess nationals. It was an exciting day of chess with each student playing 9 intense games against students from all over New Zealand. Our students played with great tenacity and concentration, hovering in the top five for most of the day. The final result for Maungawhau was 5th place out of 26 teams, an excellent effort from our students against some very tough competition.  In addition to a great team effort, Leo Ross finished the day in 9th place out of 134 players in the individual standings. 
An enormous thank you to our chess teacher Padma Raju who continues to support and coach our budding chess players. If you are interested in learning more about chess, Paddy runs a weekday chess club in her room during break 1, and Chess Power runs lessons each Wed afternoon at school from 3:15-4:15pm.


The busy bees at Garden to Table are having an end of year sale.

  • plant labels
  • worm tea (fertiliser)
  • seedlings
  • veges

Bring your spare change and a reusable bag to school on Wednesday 28 November from 10:45-11:30am


Term 4, Week 4
Top Students: 1st – Edward Mulholland from room 28 with 10,324 points, 2nd – Dion Smith from room 28 with 10,323 points, 3rd – Harry Murfitt from room 5 with 9,580 points
Top Class: Room 28 with 56,364 points

Term 4, Week 5
Top Student:   Ben Stewart from room 28 with 10,075 points
Top Class: Room 28 who are on a roll with 31,253 points


Term 4  (please check the school website calendar, notices coming home for more details/updates on upcoming activities and events)

  • Calendar Art Orders Open – Wednesday 21 November
  • Eat My Lunch Day – Tuesday 27 November (Orders close Friday 23 November)
  • Calendar Art Orders Close – Wednesday 28 November
  • Volunteers Thank You Morning Tea – Wednesday 28 November, 11am in the hall
  • Garden to Table Sale – Wednesday 28 November 10:45-11:30am
  • Whanake Junior School Beach Ed Trip Days – Monday 3 December (rooms 4, 6 & 10), Tuesday 4 December (rooms 1, 2 & 7), Wednesday 5 December (rooms 11, 12 & 18), Thursday 6 December (rooms 8 & 9), Monday 10 December (rooms 3 & 5)
  • Year 6 Prizegiving – Tuesday 4 December 6:30-8:30pm
  • Year 6 Disco – Friday 7 December 6:30-8:30pm (TBC)
  • Transition to School Open Morning – Friday 7 December
  • Matauranga Senior School Picnic – Wednesday 12 December
  • Whanake Junior School Picnic – Thursday 13 December
  • Waipuna Middle School Picnic – Thursday 13 December
  • Term 4 ends – Friday 14 December 12 noon finish

Term 4 Assembly Timetable (Assemblies start at 2pm. Please note there will be limited room for parents and caregivers at whole school assemblies)

  • Waipuna Middle School Assembly – Friday 23 November led by rooms 13 & 14
  • Matauranga Senior School Assembly – Friday 30 November led by Mr Fahey
  • Maungawhau Whole School Assembly – Thursday 6 December led by Staff
Term 4 Zones Dates Teams of selected students only will represent the school at the following events:
  • Softball Zones – Thursday 8 November
  • Athletics Zones – Thursday 22 November (Save day – Thursday 29 November)


Meetings are held in the school staffroom and start at 5:30pm.

  • Tuesday 27 November – please note the change of date
  • Thursday 13 December



Nanny Available

An experienced nanny available for that crazy pre-Christmas period.
References available, short term or long term.
Phone Molly: 021 1433264

Host Families needed for Mount Albert Grammar School

We are looking for kind and caring families to host international students arriving from the end of January 2019. These students are from Mexico, Europe, Japan, China, Vietnam and Thailand. The length of stay is from 1 term to a full year. Host families are reimbursed $ 290.00 per week.

For more information or to register your interest please email- or phone 8462044 extn 8123


Art Classes after school at Maungawhau School 2019
Looking for a quality, creative outlet for your child? Creative Matters art workshops are fun, creative and educational and explore art ideas/techniques/mediums through the development of a rich creative process.
Tuesdays from 3pm – 5pm right here at school.Term 1 starting in week 2.
Art workshops in the holidays also available in venues around Auckland



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