Dear Parents and Caregivers

As I write the final newsletter for 2018, I am reminded of all the tremendous accomplishments we have achieved together as the Maungawhau School community. It feels a long time ago, that we were moving classrooms out of rooms 19-24 in preparation for the modern learning space downstairs in this block. Much has happened since then. We have refurbished Rooms 19-29, farewelled and welcomed quite a few staff during the year, and witnessed our junior school growing to 13 classrooms (the size of a mid-sized school).
I have received some lovely messages from state and private schools regarding ex Maungawhau students’ continued success at their respective schools. I would especially like to congratulate the families of the two Junior Dux for 2018 at Mt Albert Grammar School  – Matthew Somerville and Rosa Jack, pictured below.


Matthew Somerville, Rosa Jack

Our best wishes to our fabulous 2018 year 6 cohort, as they prepare to depart our school. As mentioned in the Board of Trustees’ newsletter coming to you tomorrow, last week we celebrated their success at a special prize giving event, followed by their disco last Friday night. We wish you continued success during the next chapter of your educational journey. Here is the main body of my address at prize giving.

Two thoughts I want to leave you with. First of all, enjoy the now – I have had the opportunity to see you sing, dance, play musical instruments, participate in sport and present at assemblies. I see before me a confident, multi-talented group of year 6 students who have a bright and positive future ahead of you. Some of our stress and anxieties come from worrying about the future, worrying about the next school, the next potential friendship group. Enjoy your now – you are talented, successful senior students, who have excelled in particular areas and have hopefully made some lifelong friends. One of my best friends was made in Te Awamutu in primary school. She and I have attended each other year 6 birthday parties and have supported each other through life’s up and downs – which happens to us all. I think that we made a mistake with the generation before you we told them that they had the potential to be whatever they want to be in life, as can you, what we didn’t add was but be prepared to work hard to get there. In my experience not much in life is simple and follows a straight linear pathway, in fact, often there are lots of additional challenges, barriers and diversions before we complete great achievements. Again when you do achieve something of which you deserve to feel proud ‘take time to celebrate and enjoy the now, the moment.”

Secondly – at a conference earlier this year I heard 7 senior high school students present to a large group of principals on what they saw as important leadership qualities – the one quality that 5 of the 7 mentioned surprised me. I expected to hear risk taking, following a strong vision, passion, enthusiasm, a positive attitude, a motivating public speaker etc but no – the most mentioned quality was one which our Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern, also cited as an important leadership quality. Can you guess what it is?

It is ‘kindness’. Take a moment to think about the impact you would have on others and others on you if you were, not just sometimes or mostly but were always kind – kind to other people, your teachers, parents, classmates, brothers and sisters, cousins, people on public transport, in McDonalds, you get the idea – to everyone and everything.
Kind to places including our environment in terms of littering, showing respect for property, kind to animals and kind to yourself. What a great world we would live in. You see when we always treat others with kindness and respect then there is no reason for others not to reciprocate, to treat you as an individual with kindness.
In closing my wish for you all is that as you move onto the next chapter in your life, you to take time to enjoy each moment, not feel anxious. Or stress about the future and to always demonstrate kindness.

Good luck to all our Maungawhau Students competing in the Flippa Ball finals this weekend. Enjoy the moment and we look forward to sharing their results in the new year.

To all our families all the very best for a wonderful Christmas, New Year and relaxing summer break. I look forward to seeing you all again when students begin the school year on Monday 4 February 2018. Our school office will be open the week previous following Auckland Anniversary weekend on Tuesday 29 January. OSCAR is opening from mid-January – Monday 14 January. A reminder if you are a swimming pool key holder, or are at school using our grounds and playgrounds over the summer break that the school will be busy with contractors, re-painting the school and upgrading our fire alarm system.

Have a great week,
Delanee Dale



Pool Keys Still Available – This is the last week to purchase a school pool key which enables you to enjoy this facility over the summer holidays. Keys cost $190 (inclusive of a $50 key bond). there is a discount of $25 for families who sign up to the pool cleaning roster (2 days, checking the chemical levels and emptying the baskets of leaves etc)

Pool Key Holders – Please do not open the pool door to any minors that are not accompanied by an adult. (please refer to the terms and conditions agreement on the adult to child ratio)

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease – Unfortunately this disease is in our community. Please click on the following link to find out more information. We ask that you keep your child away from school as per the recommendations by the Ministry of Health.

Lost Property – Sad to say but the very large and out of control lost property box is well and truly overflowing! All named items were returned to their owners last week by the very helpful room 17 students. What is left is unnamed. We are encouraging you to have a good look over the remainder of the week before it is cleared out and given to charity. Once it’s gone it is GONE!

School Closes at 12pm this Friday 14 December – A reminder that school closes at the earlier time of 12pm this Friday. Please make every effort to collect your child/children on time. Children who are not collected on time will be taken to our out of school care programme, for their safety,  in the school hall and please note that there will be a charge for this service.

2019 School Term Dates – Please click here for the 2019 school term dates, remembering to scroll down the page.


End of Year Team Picnic
The Junior School would like to invite you to join us on this Thursday 13 December for our junior picnic. Details are as follows:
11.55am: All move into junior courtyard area (If wet to the hall)
12 noon: Children singing Christmas songs to parents
12.15pm (approx) Picnic in the courtyard or field (In classes if wet)
12.30pm: Activities and equipment are available on the field until the end of break two
1.50pm: Children go back to classes
We are looking forward to sharing this time with you.

Parent Help
Thanks to all parents who have helped the junior teachers and supported our programmes this year.  We really appreciate the time you give us for supervising activities at PMP and putting away our readers.
A huge thank you to all parents who helped on our Beach Ed trip to Mairangi Bay.  While the weather could have been better on some days, your support ensured our day was a success.
We are still requiring parent help to complete the stocktake in the junior bookroom.  Please contact Liz Lapish if you can help, her email is

Thanks for your support,
Marilyn Schroeder Junior Team Leader and Liz Lapish Transition to School Team Leader 


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Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 10.49.27 AM


SCHOOL LEAVERS – notice re ezlunch / Kindo school shop
If your family is leaving our school and moving to another school that does not use ezlunch or Kindo for school payments, you need to close your account. If you’re not sure about the new school, log in, go to My Details and click on the list of schools, scrolling to find your new school.

If your new school is NOT on the list, you will need to close your account. Send an email to requesting to close your account. This request will need to:

  1. Be emailed from your mykindo account email address
  2. State the current balance on the account
  3. Provide the bank account number for refunding the balance (or ask for it to be forwarded to the school)

Refunds and account closures will be actioned during January/February.


OSCAR OPEN 12-6pm Friday 14 December

Maungawhau School’s OSCAR programme will be run from 12pm – 6pm on Friday 14 December 2018. This is due to school closing at the earlier time of 12pm.
Please email to make a booking for your child that day. If your child is already booked in on Friday 14 December for after school care and you require care for the half day, you will need to email to book in for the half day of care available. Please book ASAP as there is a limited amount of children we can take on the day.

The fee will be $30 for 12pm – 6pm (flat rate).



Term 4  (please check the school website calendar, notices coming home for more details/updates on upcoming activities and events)

  • Matauranga Senior School Picnic – Wednesday 12 December
  • Whanake Junior School Picnic – Thursday 13 December
  • Waipuna Middle School Picnic – Thursday 13 December
  • Term 4 ends – Friday 14 December 12 noon finish



Meetings are held in the school staffroom and start at 5:30pm.

  • Thursday 13 December


Fabricio Monte
1 Dec Holiday

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