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The Wishing Jewel

Once lived a little mouse named Snowy. He was named Snowy because he was all white, white all around. he had a sister called Whiskers. She was always making fun of Snowy until Snowy found a jewel that looked like a diamond. It shimmered  in [...]

By |6th September 2015|Room 20|1 Comment

Purrrrty time!

Once there lived a cat named Puss. It was his 5th birthday and for that special occasion Puss's family were going to the museum. Puss was very excited and he couldn't wait to start the adventure. They had to travel very far away but finally [...]

By |26th July 2015|Room 20|0 Comments

Biography of the Earth

The Earth was another place in its child hood. The surface was all flat and it was covered in lava, it was also quite cool and formed into oceans and rivers. Soon after that sea creatures formed and their habitat was in the sea. A [...]

By |15th June 2015|Room 20|1 Comment

How to make a Squash it sandwich

SQUASH IT SANDWICH Ingredients: 3-4 radishes cucumber apple carrot capsicum bread slices\ rolls alfalfa sprouts cream cheese\cottage cheese hummus vinegar olive oil herbs-Basil or Mint Cauliflower Equipment : Chopping board safety knife tea towel rolling pin teaspoon tablespoon plastic rubbish bag Cling wrap or tin foil   [...]

By |4th June 2015|Room 20|2 Comments

The Magic Potion

One cold night I was lying in my bed reading until I slowly drifted to sleep and dreamed. . . . . . .  . . One day at school it was time for science class in room 20, we were learning to make a [...]

By |20th May 2015|Room 20|2 Comments

Terrific two = Cupcake Catastrophe! (book 1)

One sunny day just after Maungawhau school learning, two best friends called Ella and Bella were playing by the pool at Bella's house until Ella spotted a little thing that looked like a flying creature leaving pixie dust behind it . The girls crept inside [...]

By |17th May 2015|Room 20|0 Comments

The Amazing Adventure of Sparky the Cute Little dog!!!!!!! : )

One cold winters night Sparky the dog was snuggled up in his little red kennel fast asleep. He was dreaming that he was a super dog and was playing with his twin friends Cookie and Spot. Cookie was brown with little spots and Spot was [...]

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The Magical Boots

Once there was a girl called Clair. She was a girl who helped her mum in the village. One day  she was invited to be the new princess in the castle far far away.  Clair had only one problem. Her step sister Millie was always [...]

By |1st December 2014|2014 Posts|1 Comment

My Trip To Rotorua!

I have been  to Rotorua four times, but my last trip was the most fun of all! We left Auckland  really early in the morning. It was a long two hour drive so we could reach there in time. Then the fun began! Our first [...]

By |26th November 2014|2014 Posts|2 Comments

Lucy’s Adventure In Rainbow Land

At the school fair Lucy's first thing she did was the throwing hoops game. On her last turn she got the hoop around the jar and she won a doll. It had a short pink dress, bright yellow hair (that was tied in pigtails) and [...]

By |19th November 2014|2014 Posts|1 Comment