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The Flying Dumpling

There once lived a flying dumpling.  The flying dumpling could fly anywhere but space.  One day the dumpling set off for an adventure but he thought poorly and forgot to eat his pot pie.  Will the dumpling go back to eat his pot pie?  The [...]

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The beady eyed snake part 1

It was a dark and gloomy day at ladies Privet High school.  A 16 year old girl called Cassy was wondering the halls of her all alone.  She heard a faint whistle from her Biology class.  She wondered who it could have been the only [...]

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What is Onam? Onam is a harvest festival celebrated in kerala which is in South India .  It is believed that king Maha Bali"s spirit returns to kerala.  King Maha Bali was the ruler of kerala thousands of years ago.   Activities we do at [...]

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Peas are small You can get them at the mall  . Peas are green   But they're not mean  . When you join them up  You sort of get a lump  . You may think their no good   But they are food.

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5 lies about me !!!!

      1.  I do Ballet every week for 10 hours. 2.  I am a cloud on my birthday. 3.  I am a princess. 4.    I am a celebrity at night. 5.  I can shape shift .

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Water cycle

The water cycle is really interesting. Evaporation Evaporation is a process when the sun picks up some of the water and changes it into steam.  When the water is hot more water gets evaporated.   Condensation Clouds are made when water vapour is condensed into [...]

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The tiger and the frog

Once upon a time there was a highly intelligent frog that happened to be a king.  One day the frog was taking a walk and he found a tiger and the tiger was eating out of the trash can. the frog felt bad for the [...]

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The singing gorilla

At the zoo the only singing gorilla had escaped.  A professional detective was looking for clues on why the gorilla escaped.  It turns out the gorilla had sung something to shatter the glass.  The gorilla was named Boblina.  Boblina  was now going shopping for new [...]

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5 lies about…….a sleeping bag

Sleeping bags can talk. My sleeping knows karate. Sleeping bags are actually pencil cases . My sleeping bag brings me to school so I don't have to walk. My sleeping bag can paint.

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5 lies about my watch

  My watch has stationary in it you push a button and it comes up with everything I need for school. My watch is also a tree My watch is the pilot of a plane My watch invented time travel My watch brushes my hair.

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