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Guess who’s back? Papakura seal back in town

A seal is visiting a car wash in Papakura this morning. It is unclear whether this is the same seal that surprised commuters and brought out the animal wranglers yesterday. Fire service northern communications shift manager Scott Osmond said the fire department had been called [...]

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Life Expectancy Rising

Dear Room 28, Please read the below article and in your own words explain why the life expectancy age has risen. Your answer should be at least 4 sentences. Use the model of See: S- State your opinion E - Explain your answer E- Give and [...]

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My Favourite Place

My favourite place is in Sandspit where I grew up. My favourite place is when you drive through Sandspit past the wharf and up toward brick bay. The road is windy and you drive past houses and through a grove of young Kauri trees fighting [...]

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Is it safe to hike in New Zealand?

  Read the article below (From the New Zealand Herald). Use your own prior knowledge, your own experiences and information from this article to write at least 4 sentences explaining: 1. Are New Zealand tracks safe to hike on? 2. Does anything need to change to make [...]

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Neighbour’s Pear Tree

Large branches Flying birds Chirping tuis Pears dropping on to the ground Birds hopping to one pear, then another Tuis eating Blackbirds flying around The tree is crowded with birds poem written by Rudy H, Room 26

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It’s Raining Cash

Room 28 you have made a great start to commenting on forums for 2015! Remember SEE: S-Statement E-Explain E-Example Read this story from kiwi kids news about a very unique event happening and then answer this question: If you had one million dollars, how would [...]

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Just a few Reminders for the rest of the year - SWIMMING - will be every Wednesday at 11.40 to 12.10pm. We need two parents to go swimming. At the moment I have only one person volunteer. LIBRARY BOOKS - Heaps of library books are [...]

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