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Book fair day 2015

On Thursday morning when I went to school with my mum and little brother Chengyu. We first went to the school fair. I bought Spirit Animal The Ever-tree.My little brother bought nothing. When we started learning our class first did the role.Most of us dressed [...]

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If I Was A Superhero

If I was a superhero I would live in a place with lot’s of disasters and monsters,aliens,werewolves,Orcs,well,you get it. It has lot’s of special tall cool building’s and castle’s. I wanted to live there because I could save people from danger and solve problems. I [...]

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Play date at Zekai’s house

Today I had a play date at Zekai's house. My other friend Wilson also came. We played Video games and other things. First we went to his playroom. We ran on the running exercise machine. I ran the fastest on it. Then Wilson and Zekai [...]

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Google gravity

Google gravity is part of google.Here is how it works. Everything falls down. You write the thing you want in the little text. If you want to move it then you could drag it somewhere but it'll still fall down.If you write something and press [...]

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My busy week

This week is my busy week. I have lots of homework including my Chinese, English class and schools .I also have lots of workshops in maths but I still get to do mathletics. I getting very bored, even of mathletics so what should I do? [...]

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Chenghao’s favorite place

My favorite place is  Room 14  Maungawhau school. Its my favorite place is because I can see my teacher Miss Myhre and my classmates. There's art on the walls, some plants and a lot more. My favorite thing is chrome-books. My classmates also likes to [...]

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My best day in the holiday

In the holidays I went ASB showgrounds with my mum,little brother,Zekai and Zekai's mum.We got 48 tickets.We usually went on the dragon kart. Some people thought it was scary including my little brother but  Zekai and me thought it was cool.Second we went into the [...]

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MC donald got banned

Some country's have banned MC Donald like north Korea. Hopefully New Zealand hasn't banned it so its okay.  1.North Korea:will all of the conflict Between north Korea have been request. MC Donald can not do business in North Korea. One thing,that did not stop the current leader. He gets [...]

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New zealand changes flag

After Anzac day New Zealand is probably going to change the New  Zealand flag because its very alike to Australia's flag. A group thinks they sholdn't so we are having a vote with a few people. It is going to be loads and loads of [...]

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Yesterday I watched Hercules movie but not at a cinema. It was scary, sad and exciting. The scary parts was when the titans came, when Hercules got caught as a baby and when Hercules went into the death world. The sad parts were when he [...]

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