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5 lies about coke

1. Coke is the worst drink in the world and it makes you wan to throw up. 2. Coke has no sugar in it. 3. You die instantly when you drink coke. 4. Coke can turn you into a black hole. 5. Coke is deadly [...]

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five lies about a eagle

1. Eagles have 2000000 wings. 2. A eagle can fly to the moon in 1 second. 3. Eagles are the biggest animal in the world. 4. Eagles can grow up to 697868483727 feet high. 5. A eagle can live to 1999999999999999centurs old.

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Tunnel Escape

I am running really, really fast at the moment as I am being chased by a policeman.  I am trying to escape down a tunnel.  The tunnel is so dark I can't see my own feet.  I am quite scared. I know I am at [...]

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5 lies about a sheep

1. A sheep can grow about 2222222222222220000000000000000000000 feet high. 2. Sheep's are the fastest animal in the world. 3. Sheep's can fart to the moon. 4. Sheep's are very good at writing. 5. Sheep's are the reason why we are living.

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Procedure – How to Play Rugby Union

You need: Mouthguard At least 30 players are needed to play this game. A kicking tee. Rugby Goal x2. Rugby Ball Referee/Coach. Sideline Referees (not always required). Outline of pitch. HOW TO PLAY Rugby Union is a contact sport that consists of two teams of [...]

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explanation- tornado

Introduction: I have chosen to write about tornadoes because it is a topic I want to learn about. How a tornado accurse ? Most tornadoes form from thunderstorms. You need warm, moist air from Gulf of Mexico and cold, dry air from Canada. Each year about [...]

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5 lies about a sleeping bag

1. A sleeping bag can give you 1 million dollars. 2. A sleeping bag can give you whatever you want. 3. A sleeping bag is training to become a doctor and a boxer. 4. Sleeping bag has a motorbike. 5. Sleeping bags can run than [...]

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5 lies about a donkey

1. A donkey farts out a rainbow. 2. Donkeys can fly to the moon in 1 second 3. There is one donkey in the world with 100000000000000000000000 legs 4. Donkey is the smartest animal in the planet 5. Donkeys can draw better than humans

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The King and His Pet Tiger!!

In a massive dessert there lived a tiger called Bob who owned his very own flying, magical car. It was a really special car because it could fly on command from Bob, the tiger. The only problem was tho the car would often run out [...]

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What a day!!!

I arrived at school to find a monkey at the teacher's desk. Wow I was in shock had never seen that before. How cool was it going to be having a monkey as my teacher for the day. It was my best day at school [...]

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