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The chicken who tried to cross the road

A chicken was about to cross the road, but then turned into a toad, so it took a long time to cross the road. He took such a long time to cross the road that his car was towed. He hopped on the path next [...]

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My movie review of wreck it ralph

This Disney and Pixar movie is about a bad guy or 'villain' called Wreck it Ralph who doesn't want top be a bad guy and wants to be a good guy.The main settings are in an arcade where all the video game characters are alive [...]

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The 12 Apostles

The apostles were formed by the harsh weather conditions which forced the limestone to create cliffs that then formed arches which collapsed leaving stacks of rock around 50 meters high. Itinerary-Sunday 1.fly to Australia,Melbourne,Victoria. 2.Rent car. 3.Check into hotel. Monday 1.Fly in 12 apostles helicopter [...]

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The tunnel with many endings Bk.1

GOAL! I was playing soccer with my brother.I raced to the ball the mud quelching under my feet.He kicked it like a donkey,missing the goal completely,rolling under the deck in our backyard.I  tiredly crawled under the deck searching for the ball.As I moved forwards I [...]

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My hiking poem

Today I tried to hike, but I was blinded by a kite, so I had a nasty flight. I only had a bruise, from a nasty mutt, the mutt  was really stuck, but when I went to help him, it bit me in the butt. [...]

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The tornado and the dream

  WHOOSH! AHHHH! the tornado hurled everything and everyone in its way in all directions, causing havoc for the city. I bolted like the Flash out of the tornado’s way, but the tornado was so powerful it swept me off my feet and I was [...]

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A brochure about Maungawhau primary school

If you’re new to Maungawhau here is a brochure with everything you need to know about Maungawhau primary school.   First of all Maungawhau primary is a school with ages 5-11,the students learn literacy P.E,science,oral language and way more.The school offers good education and lots [...]

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The Witch and the Magic King

Once there was a witch called Wanda. She made spells for the Queen and was the 6th and last in line for the royal throne. One day Queen forced her to do lots of spells that Wanda thought were useless like making it rain flower [...]

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The life of a shoe

TAP!!TAP!! I was going for a long run around the block until I was put on the rack and all sticky. Hi! I'm Shelly ,I'm a shoe. I walk, run, and I go to all sorts of places every day.I'm purple with colorful fading stripes.I [...]

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  Japan is made of four big islands and thousands of small ones.On one side, the sea of Japan separates Japan from China, North and South Korea and Russia.On the other side is the pacific ocean. In Japan most people live in modern flats. In [...]

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