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8-) Wellington. I am going to stay with my Aunty Lizzie. My Aunty Lizzie has a 0 year who is called Max and a 3 year old called Harvey and a 16 year old called Ashley. My Aunties husband is called Regan He's funny.  I AM [...]

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I would go to Spain and visit the team Real Madrid and Barcelona to meet Ronaldo and Messi. It would be super fun.These are some of my favorite players and teams; Messi plays for Barcelona and Argentina and Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid and Portugal. [...]

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my new scarf

On Saturday  my mum and I went on the internet . I asked my mum if I could buy this u-20 world cup scarf. On one side it was orange and white and on the other side it said u- 20 world cup with the picture [...]

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Hi my name is George and my best friend is well  I've  got two so my best friends names are Tommy boy and Monts/Monty My second best friends are Jack and Caleb also George W. My third best friends are Ryan E and Josh. I [...]

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THE COWBOY AND THE TOMATOES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day a cowboy was riding down the path in his village in the wild west. A tomato cart was next to him the tomatoes were grinning they looked freaky then they JUMPED ON TO ME. I smacked them, whacked them and then they came [...]

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Who am I?

I play for the Cruisaders and the All Blacks I am very good at rugby I am famous everybody loves me in New Zealand who am I?                   richie mcaw

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What am I?

What am I? I am nearly as big as a book You can playgames on me I am very easy to damge What am I ?           a ipad  

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write to my self in 10 years

I would be 19 I would be playing soccer in would be in the u -20 world cup with Monty, Ryan E also George w for NZ. I would also go to university and would be famous with an awesome house and a pool with [...]

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who am I…

My name starts with 'R' I am very famous I am the best football player in the world who am I?

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Good at soccer - better than my big brother exciting open minded really ultimate gorgeous when younger encouraging

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