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Stubborn in the Amazon

Once upon  a time in a far, far, far away kingdom, wait these fantastic describing words do not seem to match my story, I'll start again then, hey that rhymes, sorry let's get on with the story. In Hollywood on High street highway, lived a [...]

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The circulatory system

The circulatory system is made up from millions of tiny living things called cells. All your cells need oxygen and nutrients from the food that you eat to keep you alive. Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients from your food to your cells. But if it [...]

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Home Learning-Writing-25 points {Week 8}

Brochure for Maungawhau School At Maungawhau school we cater from Year 0 - Year 6. We have three syndicates. The Whanake team {Year 0-2}, the Waipuna team {Year 3-4}, and the Matauranga team {Year 5-6}. Our principal is called Delanee Dale {Mrs.Dale}, our deputy principal [...]

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The Fat Cat {Poem}

Once there was a fat cat, on a mat,with a hat, who was best friends with Nat. Nat was a flat cat on a mat who didn't like hats, who was best  friends with fat cat

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The bird

The bird who lived at the zoo in its own cage. The bird was unique, colorful, and bright with the pattern of the rainbow. There was obviously something special about this bird yet no one knew. People didn't, sense, people didn't think, no one even [...]

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Zebras are among the most beautiful animals in the whole entire world. From their bold black and white stripes to the cute fluffy babies. A  Zebra's most common ancestor is a horse, they are from the same family known as Equus. Zebras are grazing animals, [...]

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My manual for operating me

My manual for operating me! What excites me: Birthday/Parties, Horse Riding, Camping, Theme Parks. Likes: Animals, Typo (Shop), School, Sport, Food ( Especially Ice Cream ) Dislikes: Sharks, Snakes, Natural Disasters ( Tsunamis, Volcanic eruptions, Tornadoes  etc. ), Wobbly Teeth. Five interesting facts my Teacher [...]

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5 lies about my amazing true realistic purple flying watch

1. It can totally fly, it can fly up to 10,000 meters from the ground which I, for one think is quite impressive. 2.You can totally download more than 100,000,00 games  { I know quite impressive} 3. It has a built in mini restaurant with [...]

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10 facts about why horses are such great pets.

1. Horses are one of the only creatures that you can actually ride. 2. Horses are trustworthy respectful kind creatures. 3. You can dress them up in costumes. 4.You get to compete in A&P shows, Dress up shows and many others. 5. Horses can be [...]

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My amazing holiday away

The car pulled to a sudden halt, we were finally here at Waihi beach. We walked into the campsite to the cabin section. We walked down the rocky path to meet our friends, Andrea and Pete, Dylan and Drew, Kevin and   , Cam and [...]

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