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ICT - Information and Communication Technologies Chromebooks Year 3 – 6 classes have 10 Chromebooks. Each student has their own Google Account which is to be used for school purposes only. Students will receive their own personal Gmail account at Year 3. Year 1- 2 [...]

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At the edge of the Bwindi impenetrable forest, where the lush green jungle, home to the mountain gorillas, gradually merged with the patchwork of subsistence food crops of the local Bakiga people, was the lodge that I called home during the Christmas holidays. At the [...]

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House Leaders Camp 2018

Finally it was house leaders camp!!! It was Wednesday the 14th of February and we were so excited. We met with all our luggage ready for a camping sleepover at St George’s Epsom Scout Hall. For some of us it was our first night camping [...]

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How pollination works

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School Fair

The school fair is a great opportunity to have fun. You will find so many things to do like jumping non stop on bouncy castles, munching on popcorn, candy floss, sushi, tacos, hot chips sausages and ice cream. There’s extremely creative jolly jars, heaps of [...]

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School fair advert

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Come to the fair!

Super scrummy cakes ready to be bought, Yummy tacos ready to be eaten, Disco fun, dancing to the beat, Candyfloss turning like mad, Jolly jars with toys for grandchildren, Clothes to be worn, Books to be read, Toys for your grandchildren, Lolly  bags to eat [...]

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Zero waste zone

On Thursday morning I rushed to do my jobs because it was the day that we were going on a field trip to the Zero waste centre.  Soon it was time to leave.  When we got there the educators met us and we had fruit [...]

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