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I was born in New Zealand in 2006. I have a little sister called Noa and a dog called Ruby.

Eden/Albert Gymnastic Zone results

On Thursday, 17 August, the girls’ year 5 and 6 gymnastics teams went to their second competition this year, and were successful!  Two of the year 6 teams and 2 of the year 5 teams got placings, so will be competing in the next competition, [...]

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Why monkeys like… Bananas!!! ;)

!!! By Luca !!! One freezing snowy afternoon a monkey slowly tramped up to a little hut on a huge mountain.   He tapped loudly on the hut's thick door and waited until someone came to get  him   He waited for  2 long boring minutes until someone came. [...]

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My hoilday

In the holidays I... I went to a holiday called: Kids up front. It's just a holiday program where you do 4 lessons (singing, dancing and drama (you do drama twice)  It's a day which all leads up to 1 big show. All you have to do is [...]

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How the zebra got stripes

One cold morning a Zebra went searching for a new spot of grass, when she got near to the forest she saw over a bridge a clean spot of grass. She started walking over to the bridge , "STOP!" a old little goat came running toward her "There [...]

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why we should not have bubble gum at school

I think we should not have bubble gum at school because : some people might be sick especially if they swallow it. Some parents might not let them have it. allergies and  reactions.    

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Luca’s plant homework.

What are plants? Plants are living things that use the sun's energy to make it's own food , their leaves act like food factories.Some plants eat bugs like fly and spiders, the most knowncarnivorous plant is called the venues fly trap. The prettiest plant is called a [...]

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How to write a good story!!!!8-) by Luca

Hi my name is Luca , I'm going to tell you how to write a good story!!! Firstly make up what theme your story will be here are some ideas , .Adventure .Fantasy(fairies,unicorns and things) .Action .Scary Now think of the main idea of the [...]

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The great animal rescue !!

One day a whole lot of mice went to find food when they came across a big stack of cheese they all scurried over to it but they fell !!  It was a trap they cried for help like this " help !HELP " A lion [...]

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Dogs !! I love dogs because when they're smaller ( when there puppies ) they are very small , cute and jumpy !! When they are older they are still very cute ( my dog is old but still playful ) they  are also very calm. [...]

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The lolly house!


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