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Hello, my name is Matthew, and I am interested in Minecraft and Pokemon. My favourite Pokemon are Lucario, Diancie (the picture) and Xerneas. Together with my Pokemon buddies (Donte and Cam) , we work together to keep the Pokemon life balanced.

Pokemon book 1 season 2 : A Great Start Plus A Shiny Pidgey!

OK I've done this before and have done well. Let's start again. Welcome! I heard a shout from downstairs and rolled onto the floor. It was time to choose. The trickiest time of my life. I choose Oshawott! Ok now time to go. I knew [...]

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Why is there day and night (not real)

One attractive sunny day, Matthew was out for a walk. He walked for quite a while in fact. When he was so tired he could hardly walk, he trudged home like a caterpillar. He was so hot he just had to go for a relaxing [...]

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Unovarpg ep.3 Shopping

First you should be logged on Unovarpg. So you need to collect more money, then go to the shop. You can buy pokeballs, TM's, rare candies, potions, and other stuff. I suggest you buy pokeballs. So you need to press the arrow on the pokeball and select [...]

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Pokemon My Own Movie 1 The Search For Zygarde Part 1

One day, Matthew was on his pokemon adventure with Donte, Cam, and Toby. They were on a adventure to find Zygarde. right now, they were at Matthew's house eating burger's with seaweed that had just been cooked with a mutant chicken. They were getting ready [...]

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The New Movie w/ Primal Groudon And Primal Kyogre

There is going to be a new movie soon! Including the newest Pokemon: primal Kyogre and primal Groudon! Coming soon 2015.                  

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My top five Minecraft Mods

5. Damage Indicators mod. The Damage Indicators mod allows you to see what your opponent is and is useful if you have a mod like the Lot's o' Mobs mod, and you don't know what everything is. Just go near it with the Damage Indicators [...]

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Minecraft Mod Review’s. Craftguide Mod. By TheMinecraftModReviews. AKA: TheDiamondAtlanticCraft.

Hello, Matthew here, for another mod showcase. Today I will be showcasing, the Craftguide mod. This is an extremely simple mod. So let's get into it. The only item in this mod is the crafting guide. To craft it it is in the description below*. [...]

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Pokemon Interests: Fighting types

Fighting type Pokemon are found in the mountainside and are very powerful. They are usually found training. Here are some of our favourites: 1. Machamp. Machamp is a strong Pokemon with 4 arms. It can deliver up to 2000 punches in a second. 2. Medicham. [...]

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Unovarpg ep.1 Getting an account

Unovarpg is a fun game about pokemon (all regions are in it) . First if you want to get onto the website, You have to search on the top of the screen and it should go to login. The thing you need to click, is [...]

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My top ten legendary and mythical Pokemon ™©

Hello and these are my top ten legendary and mythical Pokemon. 10. Latias, Latias is a very intelligent Pokemon and is like Latios. 9. Latios, Latios is EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT Pokemon and is the EON Pokemon, like Latias. 8. Victini, Victini which is the victory Pokemon, is a very strong [...]

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