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A 48 year old police officer who gets in trouble with her parents

One day there lived a 48 year old police officer.She was 48 and still lived with her parents.Her parents treat her like she is a kid.Her name is Sargent Giana .If she dared tell her parents to call her Sargent she would be sent to [...]

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Narratives: Chappy the hero!!!   At the crack of noon Chappy awakens from a 3 hour nap. “argh that was a nice nap” yawned chappy.Chappy lived in a little cottage deep deep in the spaghetti forests.The spaghetti forests are very unknown.Anyway as soon as Chappy [...]

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Once upon a time there lived an Avocado but she was a million years old so he thought she was an Avocadodo. Anyway she lives in a 7 story manchion . Believe it or not all to himself . she did have a husband but [...]

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Tricky situation.

Here is how it all began. One day Chelsea was wondering down the road thinking.She was and only child and her parents had gone missing on flight MH370 so she was suddenly an orphan. she waited days to here for any good news but all that [...]

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Random Facts about Neptune

it takes twelve earth years to get Neptune .Neptune has 1 large moon called triton .triton is the size of 3 earth moons .on Neptune the winds reach up to 1,200 miles per hour .Neptune has a very cold atmostphere .The water is made of [...]

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Bill worked at a till bill became ill Bill took a pill to stop him being ill

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Phill killed Bill

have you heard of bill well this is a story about Phill Phill liked to kill Bill wrote a will because Phill killed bill bye bye bill

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Bill who killed phil

Bill worked at a mill Bill had a friend called Phil Phil worked at a till Phil walked across a hill Bill was ready to kill Bill killed phil  

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sand storm a very short storie

We all dive into the water scared out of our witts . This is this is the first sand storm i have ever been in. suddenly a sand dune decides to move on me . It starts swallowing me this is the end no i [...]

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shriek was born

In a  land far far away shriek was born.He was stinky and loved well so he kind of robbed a house at 2 years old then at 3 he became a wanted jewel thief. He went to jail until he was 28 and then [...]

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