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Our trip to Writers Festival

Firstly we drove to the Aotea Centre and had a bit of lunch. After a few minutes we finally entered. The first things we saw were crowds of children and a Hyundai filled to the window with books. We trotted along to the place we [...]

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The moving pony called Steve

One day Steve the pony said "I'm moving! " So he set off. On the way he met a pony hunter. Steve was scared so he he crept away suddenly BLARP!! He did a big smelly fart. The pony hunter saw him! and ran at [...]

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Our animals – Tigers

Tigers are special to the world. We need Tigers in the world. We need all our animals for all difrent reasons. Tigers are a special in life for hunting animals like dear and stuff like that. Tigers may kill us if we enter  there habitat [...]

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