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Magic worms.

Seven sorcerers put their sliver rings to shine in the sun light to make their fearful but great master to appear in the gloomy woods. They grabbed their rings and pulled so that they came off.They through the rings on the ground and when they [...]

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A golden egg is laid at twilight in a tacky-looking nest.A sky blue dragon and a blood red dragon surround the egg.Nine months past and one day it hatched.The pure gold layer of the egg broke and fell into the nest and a tiny green [...]

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Mother nature.

The soft running of a frisky river is like a piece of music to Lila. She would make out pictures in her head of what it would be like to be the water flowing calmly to the rhythm of the birds tweet. She would be [...]

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A tree.

In the middle of an road island there stands a tree.People climb on this tree and people destroy the tree.This tree has feelings and people don't notice that this tree is crying.One day a small girl and her mother was crossing the road to the [...]

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The giant Diamond.

In the dry west lands of Egypt they was a group called Hope.They where going to the Prince of Persia.They needed gold for their village.They sat on a camel and all they had was a pack.They traveled for many days until they where tried and [...]

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I was jumping over the gate but then I smashed a plate.It went flying over the park and then the dog started to barked.I made a loud noise but then the farmers boy gave me their large toys.Luckily I got free

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It took three minutes to get to the hospital.But the minute we reached grandma she was gone.Gone to R.I.P in a place were she will be happy  in the soft touch of clouds.The salty taste of tears hit my taste buds and I cried into [...]

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black ring.

A boy was looking up at the perfectly lined sky.He saw a black ring with blazing fire coming out of it.Suddenly it fell out of the sky.He saw it on the ground.He walked over and a bright green light in front of his pale blue [...]

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blind sight

Lara was 81 and she lived in a old retirement home for the blind.Every day Lara saw a white screen everywhere she went and same with the other blind people.This started when she was born.When fresh air came gushing to her she saw a white [...]

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A cat.

A cat sits there asleep thinking about a tasty fish treat or a dog that was under the cats rules but this cat is different-he sits there waiting to be fed by his owner's that always pesters him.He makes the pretty face which means he [...]

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