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My name Is Zeke Liu. I like to play on my ipad (IOS) and lots of games like mobile supermechs and monster legends. My hobbies are:playing on my ipad and playing at home. See ya!!!!!

Zeke liu

My name is Zeke. I like iPad's and salmon. My favorite game on my iPad is Monster legends. My favorite food is salmon sushi +avocado. My friends are Ryan L., Laith and Kade. My 2 favorite websites to write are, Maungawhau school(Which is my school) and Google drive. That is my profile :D

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If i were the principal

IF I WERE THE PRINCIPAL   If I were the Principal I would have infinity cotton candy machines and ice creams. Also there would be infinity fruit bursts too. Everyone would get a orange or blue Chromebook and you get to download any apps you want. There would [...]

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Plants like Venus fly traps are called carnivores eaters. Also here's a joke I found: What do you call nervous plants? Jitterbugs!! A sundew is a very beautiful plant. It has hundreds of stick looking leaves with a Stick that wont let go!! The insects [...]

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One day there was a mad evil scientist named Dr Hazard and his gunner robot bio war. (reel steel) Bio war is a aggressive shooter and he is about 8.6 height. One day DR Hazard decided to mess with the world. '' I will be so joyful if this powerful infection [...]

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My favourite food is salmon and avocado sandwiches. They taste SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good also Spring rolls, they taste good too. I have so many favourite foods like salmon sushi, noodles and all those yummy things. I also like some vegetables. My most favourite vegetable is cabbage [...]

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Why are Elephants grey?

                             why are elephants grey? Maybe they are grey because they use to be black but then a group of safari people didn't like there colour because it was to dark. So they lifted [...]

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Going to Kelly tarltons and sponge bob movie.

At Kelly Tarlton I saw Penguins, sharks, fish, jellyfish, giant dead squid and lots of other ones. The penguins had there own little area so we could see them through the glass. Also it was very cold. We went to the conveyor part where you can see [...]

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My story starter

I said stop!! But he still ran escaping from the school. I told my friend Ryan L and we told the teacher. We chased him. Finally we caught him and he is in detention for break 1 and break 2.

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Our Class

I think of Ryan Lu is my best friend. I think Laith as a awesome friend and good game leader. I think of Finnbar is a good friend and good gamer. I think of myself as a cute panda and a good at gaming. I [...]

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Ancient Egypt    levels:25 Plants:5 pirate seas levels:25 Plants:4 I think. wild west levels 25 plants :5 far future:plants:5 levels:25 dark ages levels:20 plants 4 I think. big wave beach plants:3 I think again levels:32 frostbite caves plants:4 I  think levels:30 Premium plants: squash, jalapeno, fire pea, hurricale [...]

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