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Playing on the road is dangerous and  going on the road is really dangerous. If you go some where and your mum doesn't know you could die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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why so many people eat pie

Pie is a very popular food and many people eat pie because it is vary tasty and yum some people don't like pie but about 70% of the earth population like pie witch is good because i like pie.i also think pie is popular because [...]

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Week poem

  Weather Raining is Monday Hailing on Tuesday Snowing on Wednesday Sunny on Thursday Cloudy comes on Friday Spitting on Saturday Foggy on Sunday                                                              

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The food party

ne day there were 40 friends. They were all food, they were talking living food. They never got eaten and they always had fun. Some of them were old and some of them were young, some were healthy and some were sweet.One day they decided to [...]

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Fruit Splat

I think that there should be a new stall at the fair called fruit splat  because it would be really fun.  What you would do is get a piece of fruit and throw it at a wall.   There will be numbers and  they would [...]

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top 12 minecraft facts

.the creeper was accidentally made when notch made a mistake with the code of a pig. : .the only way to get wither skeletons in the over world is to push them through a portal. .you can create a 2 by 2 tree by putting [...]

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Setting Descripition Beach

Crash!, bang!, smash! the smooth waves would slowly come to the sandy shore. "Ouch" a sharp shell just pinched me on the hot sand. "Whoosh" a little breeze would slowly brush past me as I walked down the never ending beach. The palm trees would [...]

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Ten Things You Can Find In A Fairys Pocket.

1.Spells- so that she can do magic 2.Magic dust-to make her invisabile for emergencys 3.Map-so that she dose not get lost 4.Bird-so that she can send messeges to people and for emergenseys 5. Food- so that she dosen't stave and get hurt. 6.Paper- so that [...]

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Mr Mini Man’s Plane Trip to Auckland

Once upon a time Mr Mini Man went to Gold Coast and went to two theme parks Dream World [episode 2] and Movie World [episode 3] now it was time to go home his best friend Tiny Jim went as well so they will go [...]

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My first day at school!

Tomorrow I am starting a new school and I'm really nervous. I am hoping that all the people in the school will be really helpful and friendly. The new school i that I am going to is called Maungawhau school. It is now the day [...]

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